Dismantling Note 9 reveals the secret of its battery big

Despite the detection of Galaxy Note 9 for a few hours only, but some of the people in Russia they had dismantled phablet new flagship and compare the parts of the internal cell phone Note 8, despite the advent of the phone with a bigger battery, but it comes the same density as the inner cell, it seems that Samsung is trying to avoid a disaster Note 7 The former, which is what led to the acquisition card for Note 9 For more space inside compared bnwt 8, despite their convergence in terms of size, but creative thinking was really in the reorganization of the rest of the elements of the interior trim / battery bulk.

Became the place the S Pen over links him with chances to break less, as it became USB-C port easier replacement and cheaper since it doesn’t have the offset of the motherboard to fully do so, as has become the painting itself smaller while we note the increased size of the speaker, what is supposed to improve the level and quality of sound.

The most exciting part in the internal configuration notes 9 is a copper plate pump used in the heat dissipating, means increased levels of withstand high heat significantly without any impact in performance because of the increased heat.

In general, varies Note 9 Note 8 much from the inside, despite the similarity of the exterior design of both phones, where the improved level of ease of repair in the future will add to the low price of some replacement pieces, although the curved screen is still a point of weakness most prominent in this regard, where the remain element is the most expensive of the questionnaire.

Source: HI-TECH

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