Disney and Verizon use two how to use the 5G technology in the entertainment sector

5G Network

Will 5G the next generation in wireless connectivity to the internet on mobile devices. However, it seems that the 5G will be useful in more than just the provision of connection speeds more on our smart phones. In fact, some companies have started already in use 5G instead of WiFi, there are also some companies that had fired the soul consultations that support the 5G.

Now according to a new report released recently from the website of Variety, it seems that Disney StudioLab hosts in cooperation with the telecommunications company of America Verizon also how you can use the 5G technology in the world of entertainment. The announcement of this partnership for the first time in the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2019, which was held last week in Las Vegas, USA, as part of this partnership will be both companies to submit ideas about how to use the 5G technology. One of the examples provided by the company Disney is, how can to 5G show movies even in remote places.

It is also expected to help speeds offered by 5G in facilitating the conversion processes so that it will be possible to download a movie within 10 seconds at a speed of 300 MB per second unlike fourth generation networks 4G current which will take several minutes to download a film at a speed of 20 MB per second. It was suggested to the vice-president of the 5G in the company of Verizon, Mr. Sanyogita Shamsunder also how will the 5G technology in the improvement of other technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality with the knowledge that all of these techniques require a great speed in the response.

It will be interesting to see how the use of 5G technology in more than just our smart phones. As you have seen with all of us most likely, have been in China completed the first surgery remotely using 5G technology, what this means is that companies look into the 5G technology on it’s not just the fast internet only. Companies have started communication already at the launch of the fifth-generation networks in many large countries such as the United States of America and South Korea, knowing that he expected to see the first batch of smartphone compatible with this new generation of young people in the first half of this year, hoping to reach the other payment in the second half.

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