Disney confirms the launch date and the hardware supporting the service of their exclusive “Disney plus”

Disney Plus will support Apple devices, phones, Andorid game consoles will begin to broadcast the leadership of the thirteenth of November next

ديزني تحدد موعد الإطلاق والأجهزة الداعمة لخدمتها الحصرية ديزني بلس

There is little time until the service begins Disney plus broadcast their services to the public hobo business exclusive to this giant company.

Where confirmed that the Walt Disney Company is today the global launch of its service visual new Disney Plus, which will start from the United States and suitable opponents in this market an accelerated growth of the offside of the challenges.

Identified company the 12 of November next as the date to launch the Disney spokesman in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands monthly subscription 6.99 USD subscription annually 69.99 USD.

A week after that, company will launch its services in Australia and New Zealand specifically on the 19th of November, kisses, monthly subscription similar to the reported in the local currency 8.99 AUD yearly subscription 89.99 Australian dollars.

Devices and operating systems that support the development of Disney plus

As the company explained in its statement hardware and operating systems that will support the service through direct application to the court, as the following list describes:

– Apple TV, justice system tv OS

– IPhone

– IPad

– All the phones operating system landed

-TVs running Android TV

– Devices Chromecast

– PlayStation 4

– Roku streaming players

– Roku TV

– Xbox One

As well as via web browsers for the desktop, and didn’t remember any of the devices Amazon both devices Fire TV or devices Amazon tablet, so she has the support of the company during the coming period prior to the official launch of the service to say the least.

The company offers an integrated package of services requiring a monthly 12.99 USD, include Disney plus Hulu+ and ESPN, will be suitable is the content manifold.

The company said that users will be able to subscribe directly to their services across different devices previously mentioned which running different operating systems, including iOS.

The company also plans to showcase their products and integrate them with the application of the Apple TV with its movies and other shows, but not in the sense to bring on a full of the Apple he explained speaking on behalf of Disney.

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