Disney launches streaming service direct “Disney Plus” soon

Enter the Disney Company America’s world famous live broadcast of the launching service Disney Plus soon to compete with many other companies leading in this area such as Netflix’s famous, where the CEO “Bob talk” Presentation Trailer that includes exclusive offers that are going to Disney offered through the streaming service direct most promising.

As Disney announced about the huge list of documentaries and interactive like Marvel’s 616 a documentary series targeting real context to the characters and creators in the world of Marvel Contest of cooking, Be Our Guest and the many other programs of which you intend to display.

It is worth mentioning that the Disney Company took control of the live streaming service Hulu after its acquisition of the company 21st Century Fox for a deal of $ 71.3 million in the last month.

What is the streaming service Disney plus?

Will service broadcast direct from the Disney plus fierce competition in front of the giant leaders is “Netflix” and customers will be able to subscribe to monthly fee to access TV Shows, Movies and other content from Disney World.

Will be running services to other Disney Direct broadcast service, like Hulu and ESPN Plus, which focuses on sports in the same area of the technical so you can subscribe using the same password and credit card information, but Disney plans to make contributions for each platform individually.

It is expected that using the service of Hulu in the broadcast content the original own, like the TV series and The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock, as it will focus ESPN Plus clearly on content sports.

The launch date of the streaming service Disney plus.

Disney announced the date for the official launch on 12 November in the current year is expected to reveal the company for a lot of the details over the next few days when I held a meeting of the investors to clarify all plans broadcast, including programs that will remain tentatively in Disney plus some programs produced by for.

The cost of a subscription to broadcast Disney plus

According to the information currently available reported Disney that the new streaming service will be available at a price of $ 7 per American per month given to the annual subscription will be US $ 70 per year.

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