Disorder gaming has become a disease officially recognized by the World Health Organization

Addiction to gaming may be something normal, but is it possible that it becomes addiction disease that officially affects the mind?, the This is what announced by and endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) that the trouble gaming has become a disease officially affect the contract, this declaration will come into force in January 2022.

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The World Health Organization as a disease of the disorder the games that give the person a growing priority for games from the rest of the daily activities of the other, and spend most of the time in playing these games, resulting in the occurrence of negative consequences for that person.

But this decision has received criticism from the Association of education programs (ESA), which represents the gaming industry in America, in a press release on its website on the internet, called the World Health Organization to review this decision, and she (ESA) that this resolution on disturbance of the games do not depend on the evidence strong enough to justify its inclusion within the disease by the World Health Organization.

But the World Health Organization announced that this resolution was based on many of the evidence and reflects the consensus of a group of experts in different disciplines, also stated that studies indicate that the disease, disorder toys affects a small percentage of people who play video games.

In the last year has been published a paper in the journal by the 36 academic specialists mental health scientists, the meeting come to read the World Health Organization admitted in trouble games as an official.


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