Display replacement Galaxy Fold in Russia stands as a new iPhone XR

When smartphones with touch screens have just started to come into use, many are very frightened of the prospect of dropping a gadget. After all, if the screen breaks, to fix it for a penny did not come out. Over time, the situation has only worsened and became in order to pay for the replacement front panel of the flagship iPhone nearly a third of its retail price. However, do still not all, preferring to buy a device of one of the previous generations and save the money that you need for the repair. I wonder what will find Fold Galaxy owners that they display replacement will cost the price of a new iPhone XR?

Display Galaxy Fold – his most vulnerable and the most expensive part

As expected, Samsung has thoroughly prepared for possible problems with displays Galaxy Fold and even offered to smartphone customers, the ability to replace the internal screen at a discounted price of $ 149. However, to exercise this right will be possible only once and only those who managed to buy the equipment until 31 December 2019. They can be found in the package of smartphone a special voucher, which says that the first replacement display will be made at a discount. What about the second?

How much is the replacement display Galaxy Fold

To replace the display Galaxy Fold or buy the iPhone 8 Plus? Difficult choice

In the beginning of this week it became known that in the United States for re-replacement of display Galaxy Fold will charge for 599 dollars, while the Russian price of the same will be no less than 45 thousand rubles. Probably that price due to the complexity of the production of foldable displays, which not only fold in half without any damage (at least in theory), and — most importantly — unique designs and high quality pictures. Because until now, free access smartphones with foldable design simply did not exist.

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45 thousand rubles — it is really serious money. In the same amount, by the way, today is estimated base XR iPhone and iPhone 8 Plus, with 256 GB of internal memory. Therefore, the owners of Galaxy Fold are in an advantageous position concerning owners of iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. After all, the last for the cost of replacement of displays, their smartphones can only buy the iPhone 6sthat can hardly be called a good option to transition after the flagship smartphone with triple camera, top-end processor and wireless charging.

Who buys Galaxy Fold

Can we call the cost of a replacement display, Galaxy Fold adequate? Regarding the uniqueness of the designs — definitely Yes. But will the users apply for this service? Such, of course, there are. In the end, afford Galaxy Fold will only wealthy people with income above average, which means they will not be a problem to pay 45 thousand for repair of precious smartphone. The only question is how it is justified and would it not be better to sell the unit, which just pulls money, for half the price and buy something more practical?

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