Display technology HFR is the focus of attention in the TV industry talk…what is the meaning of it?

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تقنية العرض HFR هي محور الاهتمام في صناعة التليفزيون الحديث...فما معناها؟

I rushed manufacturing companies for TV modern step taken recently to improve the experience enjoyable for the viewer to decide the level of precision and contrast. Providing display ultra HD 4K, and made the technique the display of high dynamic range HDR started looking recently for improving the display using frame rates higher HFR is the abbreviation for the term “High Frame Rate”.

The term frame rate high HFR from the era of devices and the width of the ribbons suit for the films sense and those strips of images are displayed on the screen of the projector in a movie, and the exchange of Fisher user that sees animated images. The rate of the frames to the number of still images (frames) that are displayed on the screen per second, which creates the viewer’s deception visually Fisher that the image is moving. If you follow the industry, the movies, you would know without a doubt that most Hollywood movies are filmed and presented at the rate of 25 frames per second (fps). With some exceptions, of course, has been filming The Hobbit trilogy for Peter Jackson at a rate of 48 frames per second), and his mission is currently to export movies anal at higher rates than that to enrich the viewing experience of the Visual.

Referred currently to view the content at a high rate of the number of frames per second as a great feature especially when viewing games, sports, and documentaries.

What is the meaning of frame rates high (HFR) is?

Still the term frame rate, high bit fuzzy, but it mostly refers to the parameters that more than 25 frames per second of the moving image and 30 frame per second for both types of the other outputs. To illustrate this we can say that the human eye can handle 1000 frame (image) per second or maybe more.

Therefore, when you view the images at a rate of 48 frames per second can be for processing more deeply and note the details. And this -in industry, the movies – advantage and disadvantage at the same time, because the images that are captured at a rate of frames higher look often “phony” is probably due to we can see details that reveal to us that the representatives stand on the base like.

But certainly not Is this a defect in the case of the filming of documentaries or sports or news releases or games. In such cases, the more information is visible, the better.

Are increasing gradually currently as the contents displayed at the rate the tires higher, but at a slow rate, as companies began to television in the preparation of devices capable of processing such content.

Frame rate or refresh rate?

You may mix the concept of “frame rate” with “rate freeze”, the number of frames per second refers often to the number of frames that appear on screen per second while the rate of renewal which takes place the unity of Valerian discrimination refers to any change appears on the screen and the Pussycat (which is a translation unit to freeze the TV).

And the screen quality OLED OLED such as the renewal rate up to 2200 Hz.

We can observe large variation companies manufacturing such as such as Panasonic claims that the TV sets offered by the characterized by the renewal of 2200 Hz, but it still only supports 120 frames per second.

Isn’t Panasonic the only company that offers the frame rate a high 120 frames per second in the market this year. Makers olid offered by LG also supports the same knowledge and probably followed by Samsung and Sony in the next year.

But the ability of television to support the rate of frames per second up to 120 does not mean that this is what the user is watching already.

How Can I see the content displayed with frame rates higher HFR is?

We can say that the options are very limited. Including triggers to BluRay 4K HDR which is defined at a rate of 60 frames per second (a rate that is high but it is not a big change). Can also be for PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X display Contents at a rate of 60 frames per second, as can Xbox and X display the contents at the rate of 120 frames per second but that the contents of the limited only.

Recall that the HDMI cables traditional can’t deal with the contents of the HFR, so you’ll need to purchase HDMI cable 2.1 (or HDMI cable premium high speed). The fact that not all TVs that support frame rates higher HFR compatible for cables and HDMI 2.1.

The only solution currently is to watch the content rate of the display 120 frames per second on the screen of the television is download the contents on a USB or use a gaming device that increases the frame rate, but in return reduces the level of clarity from 4K to 1080P.

We seem to be at an early stage and it may take some time until we see the application of this technology in future generations of television sets and gaming consoles. Until that time, is not recommended to specialists purchase a TV based on its support of the contents of the HFR because it may be difficult to utilize this feature.

Display technology HFR is the focus of attention in the TV industry talk…what is the meaning of it?

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