DisplayPort standard new 2.0 brings with IT support for two Strictly 8K rate update reaches the 120Hz

8k-video-studio_extended 8K Display Sharp Adobe

At present, 4K is the norm in young and, but there are some companies that aspire to a better future through the creation of screens with Strictly 8K. We believe that it may take some time before adopting the technology 8K on a large scale, although there are probably some professionals in the sector who can take advantage of this young high-tech precision.

The good news is that the organization of Video Electronics Standards Association has just announced that it is planning to introduce some changes to the DisplayPort standard where they will be promoted to DisplayPort 2.0. It is natural that this will lead to some improvements on this criterion, most notably the fact that the new standard will support two monitors 8K or single screen accurately 16K.

In addition to the screens, 8K, will testify to this standard as well as increase the level of data transfer rate, and frame rates supported, as well as support for HDR and higher resolution, as well as provide better support for multi-screens. We imagine that it may take some time before you need the masses to use the DisplayPort standard new 2.0, but at least it will be the standard available for those who want it so bad.

Will support the new standard USB Type-C, which explains the growing popularity of USB Type-C by more companies, but will support the new standard also connector for the DisplayPort standard for manufacturers who are not yet ready to adopt USB Type-C in their devices. Thanks to the data transfer rate which has been promoted now in the standard DisplayPort 2.0 new from 32.4 Gbps to 80Gbps, it has become possible to use different settings at the level of the screen as shown below :

One screen :

  • One screen accurately 16K with refresh rate 60Hz
  • One screen thoroughly 10K with the refresh rate 90Hz

Two screens :

  • Two of the screens 8K rate update 120Hz with HDR support
  • Four screens in 4K with the refresh rate its 144Hz refresh rate

Three screens :

  • Three screens thoroughly 10K with refresh rate 60Hz with HDR support
  • Three screens in 4K with the refresh rate 90Hz with HDR support

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