Displays Galaxy Fold fail on the second day of use

Foldable displays Galaxy Fold began to fail in the first 48 hours after the start of use. This was announced by the journalists of several it publications, received the unit on a test two weeks before the start of official sales. Despite the fact that each case is different, collectively they help to make the conclusion about the high degree of vulnerability of the screen of the Galaxy Fold, who will not be able to survive thousands of cycles of folding, not to mention the tens or even hundreds of thousands.

According to Mark Gurman, a columnist for Bloomberg to damage Galaxy Fold could lead to the fact that he was removed from the screen glued in the factory plastic wrap. He claims that she was detached from one of the edges of the display and distract his attention. However, as it turned out, this tape is a protective screen cover, to remove which is not recommended to avoid damage. Exactly a day after the screen has failed, said Gurman.

Reliable if display Galaxy Fold

Steve Kovach, a journalist with CNBC, did not make the film, but also faced with the display output Galaxy Fold down. A sample confirmed that the furrow passing across the screen of the smartphone, is an extremely vulnerable place. According to Kovacs, the first darkened room, and then blacked out the left part of the screen. Right at the same time continued to work as if nothing had happened, pointing out that in fact a display panel is composed of three components, each of which acts independently of the other.

In total to date we know of at least five cases display output Galaxy Fold down. The best situation is with a camera, transferred to test colleagues from The Verge. The journalists report that their sample is still in working condition, but shows two permanent bands that are characteristic of defective AMOLED panels.

Interestingly, Samsung does not intend to transfer the start of sales of Galaxy Fold and cancel pre-orders because of what happened, tending to the fact that the reason displays output from the system was the removal of the protective coating. However, as noted by Samsung representatives, the company intends to investigate the causes of failures that gradually take on the character of the mass, and to apply this knowledge in the future.

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