Displays some Galaxy S9 suffer from dead zones

Displays some Galaxy S9 and S9+ can suffer from dead areas that do not react to touch. For the first time about the problem said the portal user Reddit with nick bobdurfob. His words confirmed a few people who reported poor responsiveness of the touch screen in different places.


Analysis of the situation showed that the problem can manifest itself regardless of smartphone model and tasks. Some users find the dead zone at the top of the display, while others find them at the bottom or in the middle of the panel. This indicates a possible manifestation of the effects of manufacturing defects.

Earlier it became known that some instances of Galaxy S9 and S9+ on the basis of the Snapdragon 845 refuse to work with payment service Samsung Pay. When you try to tie the card to the account, the system gives compatibility error. Re-installing the application Samsung Pay does not lead to visible results.

If you encounter something similar, we strongly advise you not to hesitate and contact your dealer or Samsung service centre in your city. In case of detection of signs of marriage according to Russian law, you have the right to substitute a smartphone on new or a refund.

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