Disservice: why is fall of Bitcoin is good for the cryptocurrency?

A bear market is always painful, especially for those who appeared in cryptocurrency industry recently. The fall of Bitcoin can become just another “test of strength”. Now the main cryptocurrency goes through hard times, to create a good platform for future bullrun.

The higher you fly, the harder they fall

It turns out that the sharp parabolic rise in digital assets gave them a disservice. The irony is that bullrun 2017 too much “overheated” market, filling the minds of thousands of people with empty promises. At one point, but rather 7 January 2017, all the dreams of Jinhua suddenly turned to dust.

In other words, the hype around something is often a negative sign. Investors should be careful to behave and not get into adventures, where there are overwhelming feelings of FOMO. The portal Channel News Asia recently interviewed a couple of traders whose deposits suffered greatly due to the fall of Bitcoin. One of them expressed complete bewilderment at the situation on the market.

The crypt is already so cheap. Now it makes no sense to sell and buy something else.

Well, the second regrets about past losses.

Yes, when you look back, I feel a strong regret. But I can’t change the past.

That’s hurting ordinary traders with benefits for the entire industry as a whole. Completely confident in this Professor Singapore University of social Sciences David Lee.

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The price drop is a good sign for the stock market. We shouldn’t dwell only on the value of digital assets, because it is always changing throughout certain cycles. Need to pay more attention to how the potential of new technologies can change the world.

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