Diversion pumping: the blade of iBoot for iOS available to everyone, how this affects the regular user?

Cboe other drawbacks successive for Apple, in the days preceding the event the leaking of a huge shake Apple, has serious implications for all phones iPhone existing in the market, of these operations the possibility of the amendment on nuclear and operate more of the system and certainly ease the work of Gilbert.

Again, one of the users of the site GitHub called ZioShiba publish the source code iBoot for iOS 9.3. It’s not known how he got ZioShiba on this code. What means this code? And why is it dangerous like this? And a comment to Apple on this recording?

What is iBoot for?

iBoot is the code responsible for started iOS system to run it and it works after pressing the power button directly, so doing a check of all the components of the device and defined the beginning of the nuclear to the processor and memory then the rest of the ingredients and then turn on the system, in other words say that the director in charge of iBoot scans everything until the machine is running safely. This operation is performed when each time the machine is running. It is similar to a lot like those in Android and name of FastBoot or similar in the Windows OS known to all as the BIOS. To understand the conditions of the sensitivity of this code The companies you close it and maintain its confidentiality so as not to be tampered with and adjustment on the operating system, such as the case of iOS in the iPhone or the Romans in Android, there is no doubt that this burden is very detrimental to the device from all aspects, whether related to mobile, wants or Teletext.

Dangerous code iBoot

Hacked this code is considered harmful to heavily on the security systems in Apple devices, you can easily skip all of the security measures established by Apple in its devices and find vulnerabilities in their systems. Fisker plans to lock access to all content on the device is encrypted. Thus be very easy for organizations like the FBI use this code to find Guinea them access to what they want without reference even to the Apple and download. Similarly it will be also easy for thieves and hackers to use this code to do what they wish with Apple. The problem is security related to this code very seriously.

Through this code can manipulate the iOS and customize it as you want, or even download the operating system of another rate just like the case of Android or Version Windows modified.

Does this hack think the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Definitely not. The Apple works on the principle of “what not is back there”. This gap will make iOS more powerful than ever before. For offered huge sums up to $ 200,000 for the find such monumental mistakes, especially in the iBoot. This is certainly borrows the IRE of programmers and motivates them and makes them open in this system on the gaps and sell them to Apple for such large amounts, that of the most important causes of delayed iOS, the been finding loopholes whenever a purchased security system more than ever.

Comment Apple

Apple confirmed in the official Comment of this settlement and stated that their security does not depend on speed only. In a statement released last Thursday morning Apple confirmed the authenticity of the leaks. code iBoot confirmed that iOS 9 is the operating system of three-year-old has been replaced by iOS 11 so the iOS 9 doesn’t work to a few and so many Apple devices.

Based on the data from the Apple support page for developers, the iOS system 11 works on 65% of the devices, and iOS system 10 runs on 28% of devices, and the iOS 9 and is the oldest works not only on only 7% of devices.

Came the text of the statement is as follows:

” It seems that the source code is three years old has been leaked, but we don’t believe in the design of our products the secret code of our source code only. But there are many layers of protection built into our products, and we always encourage our clients to update to the latest versions to take advantage of the latest layers of protection”.

In addition the recognition of leaking the source code is real, this is no longer a blatant violation of the Law of the Digital Millennium Copyright knowledge in short the DMCA which is a law to protect the intellectual rights of the United States Code criminalizes the conversion and tweaks that control access to works protected by copyright which is a law designed to force service providers on the internet such as hosting and the like for their customers of the violation of the rights of the e-gas. Already a message has been sent to the site to GitHub and remove the code from the site.

It is worth mentioning that data relating to the code iBoot that have been posted on this site wasn’t full it is impossible to assemble the rest of the code. And what was introduced was an additional information about the iBoot and function of the vulnerabilities used for the iOS.

What for the average user?

As for the average user, should not worry about this Delivery. It is not difficult for Apple to create more than a layer of protection, and does not depend on the confidentiality of the source code only as a means of protection. And all that in order to maintain the safety of their customers, but certainly about this Director – “iBoot” the army of the tractor equipped with the strongest weapons of protection and therefore difficult to overtake. This was confirmed by Security researcher Will Strafach.

But good for the user is that the chance of the appearance of Gilbert’s new become better and address this to the chance of the accelerator projects that are making iOS available on devices other than Apple devices, or even make the iOS devices themselves bear more of the operating system such as Android and Windows. So it may be the best thing that happened in the tech world, or you may not be, the days alone will tell us.

Would you like to get to Android system next to the system iOS? Or you like to use the Samsung devices be installed on you system iOS? Tell us in the comments



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