Diversion rates devices PlayStation 5 in Europe

Back PC games the House of the PS5 on the Amazon store in France accidentally similar to what happened a few days ago, the appearance of the device on the App Store has revealed the price of this kiss says the store removed the page completely, except that one of the users had been able to record a screenshot.

According to the price the boat the phone will come at a price of 499 Euros or about $ 560 USD, but this price will be for a full version, while will come the digital version -which features separate the discs – at a price of 399 euros, although the price is high but it is far from the 750 USD that we saw earlier!

According to the same source the device is coming on November 20, a timing and location, but we can’t deny some doubts in the correctness of the information being based entirely on just a screen shot, but for we note again that the price makes sense and is within the average price range as well as is the case for the version.

Source: Beebom

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