Diversion rates phone Xiaomi Mi A2, will be with Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

Xiaomi Mi 6X

Phone Xiaomi Mi A2 which is long overdue. will be released later this month with Android raw. In the past year, the phone was Xiaomi Mi A1 very successful, so we have more reason to anticipate the coming of the successor of this device later this year.

We already know the design and specifications of the Xiaomi phone Mi A2, but we still don’t know the price, but not anymore because thanks to the Polish store we got the price of this phone, we also learned that there will be another version of this device you will get the name of the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite.

Of course, the price that has been obtained from the e-store for the Polish market, but there’s a possibility that the version of the phone Xiaomi Mi A2 for almost the same price all over Europe. For women that includes 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory, it will be 350 USD, and that includes 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory will be 377 dollars, while will be the version which includes 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory the equivalent of 430 USD.


When it comes to technical specifications, it is assumed that the phone comes Xiaomi Mi A2 with the same technical specifications of the phone Xiaomi Mi 6X. But when it comes to the specifications of the phone Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, it has frequency now that it would screen The size of 5.84 inches and accurately 1080×2280 pixels, processor class Snapdragon 625, the RAM size of 4GB, internal memory size of 64GB expandable via external memory MicroSD, as well as the rear camera Double accurately 12 megapixels sensor first and accurately 5 megapixels of the sensor the second note that the sensor first will lens girl 2.2.


Moreover, it turns out now as well that the phone Xiaomi Mi A2 will come with a battery with a capacity of 4000mAh, which means that it will come with a bigger battery of about 1000mAh compared to the Xiaomi phone Mi A2. When it comes to price, it is expected to cost Xiaomi phone Mi A2 Lite about 283 USD.

Of course, this is the first time that we hear of the existence of Xiaomi phone Mi A2 Lite, so we’re not sure if this phone will come already. Generally, we’ll check everything when will be the announcement of the Xiaomi phone Mi A2 in day 24 of the month of July.



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