Diversion: the launch of the iPhone 9 soon, and will come in red, white and black with a capacity of up to 256 GB

Uncover the website 9to5Mac new information about the model of iPhone next and wait for a long time ago, including the name of the marketing and the colors of the home and the storage options, based on Reliable Sources, according to the site.

Based on new information, likely to skip the Apple to open applications on the iPhone very soon.

I know of

2020 iPhone SE

May be the names of the marketing of Apple is the most blurry in the new iPhones, so we used the name of two aliases of the signal to an alternative phone, the iPhone 8 next: iPhone SE 2 iPhone 9.

Based on new information from 9to5Mac will Apple simply naming the new economic model as “iPhone SE” besides the reference to the new device as 2020.

Use the Apple TV originally the name of the marketing iPhone SE for the 4-inch which uses the structure of the iPhone 5s with the camera and processor of the iPhone 6s.

We expect to use the new model the same chip the iPhone 11, 11, Pro 11, Pro Plus: processor A13 from Apple. This is the latest jelly of the chip A11 Bionic located inside the iPhone 8.

Is likely to be your iPhone SE new common customers have the iPhone 6 who are no longer receiving major updates and new systems of their phones.

Color and storage capacity

It is envisaged that the new device color options three options:

  • White
  • Black
  • (Red)

Will be available also five folders for iPhone SE:

  • Black silicone
  • White silicone
  • Red leather
  • Black leather
  • Leather dark blue

We can also confirm the three options for the iPhone SE New:

  • 64 GB
  • 128 GB
  • 256 GB

Guarantee iPhone 8 originally the same storage options, but has been shut down version of the 256 GB top price last fall.

The price and time of release

New reports from 9to5Mac confirms what was said by the local supply chain the reliable Ming-Chi Kuo who reported the choice of the red color options, 64 GB and 128 GB in the last autumn. Not reported choice for high capacity 256 GB previously.

While we can’t confirm the price points of the three for your iPhone SE new from Apple TV, according to Ming-Chi Kuo last fall that Apple plans to price the new model starting from $ 399. In comparison, the price of iPhone 8 currently 449 USD.

Expected to be iPhone SE new the same design of the iPhone 8, although the battery life must be achieved too much with the removal of the 3D Touch, a special feature on the iPhones of old.

While we can’t confirm when Will Apple TV from iPhone SE 2020, it is possible to reveal to the police about him and start taking applications for your new iPhone very soon.

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