DJI implemented to collect and send data to China

Published Industry Corporation UAV Chinese DJ ay DJI – dominant on the market for commercial UAVs in the United States – an open letter consisting of 1800 words implementation through the collection and send its unmanned aircraft data flight to China.

Comes the speech police taken from the Shenzhen-based after discussion by the commission on the US Senate last week about the security of the drone and risks of the supply chain, where you are trying to DJI to address the growing concerns on Capitol Hill about the trade.

The company said the DJI in the open letter addressed to the committee on Commerce, Science, and transportation of the Senate: that the unmanned aircraft manufactured by us do not send aviation data automatically to China or to any other place, indicating that the data remain on the drone and on the mobile device for the pilot.

Came the speech of the site by Mario Rebello Mario Rebello, senior vice president and regional director to buy DJI North America, having said Senator Ed Markey Ed Markey, during the meeting: the Americans who own Chinese-made aircraft are concerned about privacy and security.

Some experts said during the meeting: they think that the DJI is capable of sending data to China, explained the DJI it is necessary to use the decisions that affect the main components of the industry on the right way, and it is not able to see customer data that do not receive it.

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Said DJI: not involved unmanned aircraft flight logs, photos or videos only if you choose the drone pilot do this, even if data users American download on the cloud servers of American just in case the users have chosen the Americans to share their data.

The company noted that they have developed security measures for their products, and the discussions in the meeting included inaccurate information and speculation about the use of drones and technology, which may lead to restrictions on access to its building on the whereabouts of its headquarters.

Comes speech DJI amid escalating tensions in the areas of technology and trade between the United States and China, and after that added the management of Trump’s earlier many companies supercomputing Chinese to its blacklist, which prevents them from buying American technology industry.

And Washington also put many of the companies identified on the face of the Chinese in the Black List export control, on the basis that they pose a risk to national security.

The company this week to launch a copy of the government of the drone, in order to meet the security expectations of the strict government of the United States, so that this plane can’t access the internet, and to store information only locally.

According to the open letter, this means that if a high government official error in the protocol data management, or even tried to intentionally send data to the drone to DJI, or to any other place, you will not transmitted data.

The Department of Homeland Security has alerted in the month of May the American companies about the security risks associated with the aircraft of Chinese manufacture, although the development did not mention the name of the manufacturer specific, but that approximately 80 percent of the UAVs used in the United States and Canada come from DJI.

Announced that DJI it plans to move some manufacturing lines to the United States, as part of its commitment to the long-term direction of America that began in 2015 through the establishment of research and development located in Palo Alto.

The company DJI more than 14 thousand employees, with a concentration of 25 percent of that number on the research, development, and the company has 17 offices globally.

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