DJI officially offering Osmo 3 design and foldable the price of 119 dollars only

The company launched the DJI recently unit install phone Osmo Mobile 3 that come design the retractable supports the user better in flight, with a good price up to $ 119.

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Come alone install phone Osmo Mobile 3 design supports the user in the control unit with one hand, also comes device installation of the electronic system of folding and closing unit to allow the user to store the unit and it without that occupy much space.

Also added company DJI design Osmo Mobile 3 elements of the new development, allows the adjustment of the unit from vertical to horizontal without having to remove the phone in the beginning.

On the other hand, is characterized by the design of the Osmo Mobile 3 lightweight, which also supports the user in control with one hand to install the phone, as it supports the user in the photography and video recording up to 15 hours at a time charging, also confirmed the DJI to design this version will call the shipper and speakers external audio smoothly unlike the previous version Osmo 2.

Also come Osmo Mobile 3 more than style to support the user in the video recording more efficiently, with the patterns between stories, sports, and video recording in slow motion or recording a video with a comma, as the unit could support the user smoothly zoom feature, or opening and closing the guide camera, with the possibility to rotate the direction selfie.

How come Osmo Mobile 3 new style, known as the “ActiveTrack”, where can be activated this style quickly by clicking once, and then can follow a specific topic in the video recording.

The Osmo Mobile 3 is now priced at $ 119 the main model, as the unit also comes with a special bag for the storage priced at $ 139.


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