DJI unveils its new Mavic Air folding

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Company DJI launch of a new competitor in the UAV market is Mavic Air New, has today announced that the company in New York City that the cost of the drone containing a camera is 799$.


It is worth mentioning that the cheapest drone produced by the company is a Spark and its at$ 499, the most expensive drone was Mavic Pro and the cost is$999.

But we can say that the Mavic Air is really a mix between these two planes drone from certain angles, where like Mavic Air from the top Mavic Pro, while the Mavic Air from the front resemble a spark, and can also be folded smaller than the Spark, which is lighter than the Mavic Pro by 41%.


In fact, the specification of the Mavic Air closer significantly to the specification of the Mavic Pro, it is also better to a little bit of Spark in the use of photography, used Mavic Air sensor 1\2.3 inch, which can shoot video in 4K at 24 or 30 frames per second, and can capture images accurately 12 Mega Pixel, – angle lens 24mm, and f2.8, and it increased to 42.5 miles per hour, and can withstand winds of up to 22 miles per hour, and their range is 2.5 miles due to the design of new antenna.



Also got Mavic Air ventilation system, which the company re-design it, as she’s coming to the B gimbal three axis, and will come also with four folding legs which makes the process fly easy and safe, it also comes with a remote control with integrated display.


In addition, there are a lot of other features, such as the status of the Panorama is strictly 32-megapixel, also contain systems to overcome obstacles, through the provision of a lot of sensors.

As for time flying, it can fly for 21 minutes, this is longer than the duration of the flight Spark five minutes, and less than Mavic Pro six minutes, and less than Mavic Pro Platinum is an upgraded version of the Mavic Pro nine minutes.



This topic DJI unveils its new Mavic Air folding appeared on Engadget.

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