Dmail experience Egypt new in the e-mail encrypted

ابس عربي متجر تطبيقات

Among the Egyptian participants of the startups, you will see the next Gitex, which will apply during the period from 6 – 16 October next, will see the launch of the first version to apply email Dmail source, which depends on the technology block Qi in securing private correspondence and encrypted to the highest degree between the sender and receiver only.

This comes to found that in the framework of the first joint purchase of Dmail interest of the organization, under the umbrella of the Center for innovation technology and entrepreneurship, TIEC, the authority’s Information Technology Industry Development “ITIDA”, the Ministry of communications and information technology, with a view to the official launch of the investigation on the level of Arab region and the Middle East.

Used company Dmail technology block you chi for the development of a special platform communications email.

Allows the new app to encrypt and secure messages between the sender and the recipient to any third party, comes next to the storage contents of the messages to protect the privacy of customers.

Watch the video demo above, you can also experience the source of the new cross-platform Blockstack free from here.

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