Do battery iPhone XS is weak or good?

Usually Apple hide the secret features many of the when you release new hardware or release new systems. Had Apple recently to recognize that the devices iPhone XS and-iPhone XS Max contains problems then she fixes these problems, chiefly the problem of not charging in sleep mode. To the days we mentioned in the news at the margin, the results of the tests of the battery compared to the Samsung Note 9 came as a result of the first test to Note 9 shake the iPhone XS a big lead and clear, in the paragraph immediately following came the second Test and shake the iPhone XS all of Note 9 and pic sender 3. Here Comes the question How did it happen? Did one of these tests are fabricated, or both, right?

The site PhoneBuff famous with the help of Android devices to conduct experiments on the iPhone XS, show that the performance of the battery of those phones is very weak even larger percentage “Max” compared to the latest Samsung phones Note 9. As mentioned the site to XS Max, which is the most expensive smartphone Global you can’t card his of suitable for Note 9, which outperform the XS by 35%. We must remember that the fundamental reason will probably be because the battery of the note is significantly larger than the Apple which added battery 3174 mAh vs 4000 MS in the notes.

In the test the temperature control, and run the screen brightness on both phones on default mode, and the calibration of the degree of the sound so as to be equal in both phones also in addition to that, the test was conducted fully by using the arm mechanism can use the same pattern of clicks on the screen, run applications, and development via telephone calls, messaging, web browsing, social media, video, tests and games.

In short, this is the closest thing to the real test for battery life in the real world. You can watch the video.

In the end, the battery iPhone XS Max age is very short compared to the phone Note 9, and since the iPhone XS battery life by less than XS Max, Apple devices New lack of competition, there is no way to bridge this gap even during the operating system update.

Were tests and reviews previously carried out by the site Tomsguide and discovered that the battery of the iPhone XS is smaller than the battery of iPhone X the results were as follows:

This test came in the lighting 150nits and in the development of internet browsing on 4G network. So it seems that what Apple has done is considered an obvious error to maintain the thickness of the phone and increase the battery.

How to win iPhone in another test?

In an interesting turn, put around it the marks of many, was held another test by Acer Mrwhosetheboss proved that the battery life of the iPhone XS Max may miss out on all of Note 9 and pic sender 3 . Watch the video:

To answer the mystery of how Miss note in the first Test and failed the second you must know the “test conditions”, namely:

First test: the test was done using the default settings the same in both phones without change, except for one difference, which is screen resolution. The accuracy of the default screen in Note 9 1920*1080 versus a screen resolution in the iPhone XS Max that amounts to 2688*1242 any to screen Apple are running a number of pixels greater 61% who say the notes run thus miss the Note 9 on the iPhone because of the savings in the resolution of the screen, thus need less power while the iPhone XS Max work at maximum capacity.

Test II: completely the opposite happened where the smart phone operating on the same applications that were used in the first Test which used the site PhoneBuff, but at this time, the adjust screen Note 9 to the highest resolution don’t 2960*1440 Peck chains with the same accuracy which was employed to the number of pixels greater 27.6% who say iPhone running accordingly the results came miss iPhone. Work iPhone for 376 minutes and 364 minutes Notes 8 and Google Pixel XL in 319 minutes.

What do you mean tests and why it affects the number of pixels is?

A lot of the turn off Bluetooth to reduce battery consumption or Wi-Fi but actually these things are not worth your energy, often 50% or more is consumed by the screen (in traditional conditions). Here Comes the role of the number of pixels, it means in short that the image that displays in front of you is divided into a certain number of pixels. The greater the number of pixels, the phone consumes more power to both of the processor work or lighting the same energy that the device needs to run lighting, 2 million pixels less than run 4 million pixels.

In the case of the iPhone XS Max Note 9, the Note comes with a bigger battery 26% when they did the test and did run a 2 million pixel camera compared to 3.3 million in iPhone the result was impressive, it has a bigger battery and also running a number of pixels less accordingly, the battery of the iPhone Walnut by almost 34%. But in the second Test when it was operating around full Any has the sheet running the 4.26 million pixels for the same the 3.3 million the result was that the superiority of the iPhone by a margin of 12 minutes the iPhone by only 3% which almost no appreciable difference. Calculates the percentage of finally, Google is running a number of pixels greater 27.6% and a larger battery 26% here we see that the result is logical.

What do you think about those tests? If you possess the XS is the battery good for you? Tell us in the comments.


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