Do Evo XS and XS Max strong enough to withstand the durability tests !

I can screen iPhone XS Max benefit recently named the best display according to DisplayMate competent to test the screens of smartphones, didn’t enjoy Bey screen Evo XS Max from the rate of the brightness of the high and perfect design and other features that we have listed in the topic “why hast iPhone XS Max new screen is even better now?” But what about the power of the phone in front of the hardness tests.

The channel SquareTrade famous on YouTube recently released a video testing the follow-up Evo XS and XS Max and set the compensation pressure, falls, drowning and other methods of durability tests that follow her channel to test the strength of carrying the new phones.

According to Apple, the device uses the iPhone XS and XS Max Glass the most enduring ever in a smartphone with IP68 waterproof, which means that it can bear the water up to a depth of up to two meters for 30 minutes.

In the tests, SquareTrade, stopping devices are good for liquids, but the glass front and back didn’t hold up when dropped!

It took choosing to drop only one from a height of 6 feet onto a hard surface, to achieve the iPhone XS perfectly resulting in a broken rear glass of the device fully.

The result was almost the same for the iPhone XS Max, with the smashing of a bottle of smart phone after falling from a height of six feet.

As has been spamming all of the devices in the in the barrel length of 5 feet for 30 seconds full of liquor, because Apple reported the resistance of beer during the keynote when it was announced the two devices, and delivered all from your iPhone XS and XS Max of that test and with all the efficiency which proves the power of high protection against various liquids.

The included tests also tests the pressure and bend the other, said SquareTrade assigns the performance of all of the Evo XS and XS Max, as shown in the image below.

I got an iPhone XS on the degree of susceptibility to fracture 86, classified as “high risk”, while the iPhone XS Max on the degree of susceptibility to fracture reached the 70’s, classified as “medium risk”.

Video testing the durability of Evo XS and XS Max :

Cost to repair rear panel $ 599 for the iPhone XS Max while the cost of repair actually up to 329 USD.

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