Do how online, how will be the future of e-commerce in the kingdom?

Finally released it to the promised that we’ve been waiting for long years which will be the beginning of many effects and very fast in the field of e-commerce, where a circular was issued by sama to all banks start doing the cards over to complete payment transactions and purchases via the internet, similar to the credit cards “Visa” mustard card etc.

Let’s simplified some of the results expected from this resolution, interspersed with some tweets or snippets as I like to call it.:

Pay on delivery:

This resolution is the beginning of the end for one of the biggest problems of e-commerce in the region is the system of payment on delivery, which make the electronic commerce case, he walks, but slow, and slow compared to other regions.

Of course, payment on delivery we have become a culture with the regret that most users of the e-shops local they require even if they have the means of payment whether credit card or bank transfer or other means provided by the e-store and part of the problem and is said to be due to follow the same – some, of course, not the jingle -either because of poor service or communication or conduction this affect the rest of the stores unfortunately, providing the whole in a basket and one.

The decision to allow the banks to activate the cards over the online won’t “kill” the system of payment on delivery but His the “him” in the murder of the whole period will not drag on and end this system of aseptic completely from the memory of the e-commerce does not rule out in the very near future we see a Xi like this clip:

“Working/decision of the institution/Department of the interior to grant up electronic delivery companies, dealing with payment system cash Asuka on the prohibition of handling cash in financial transactions relating to the operations of insurance…”

Here will be my theme forever, God willing, and thank God we have a feature to characterize the region from other that most of the users of the network who will accept the changes with amazing speed and change of Culture the new culture.

Bank transfer:

This means to compete, sometimes cod in the degree of bad so that a lot of the big stores cancel it completely preferring to pay on delivery.. imagine with me customer service is a “ship” behind the client to download and if the download starts guessing any bank accounts you have in the name of and has been transferred the full amount – as often happens – is the transfer amount minus because of the drainage device, instead of converting 198 to SR is converted 1.98 of course, the difference is outrageous :), or turn the client 200 riyals to the opening dance chosen from among requests from around this building and of course the involvement with the accounting department in a waste time is not the first nor the last..

“The decision to allow support to cross over will make the process a bank transfer a thing of the past – sad, of course ? – and if the adoption of the portfolio the extent of, any transfer of your mobile number to another number, the possible to actually forget something called bank transfer”

By virtue of the specialization of our site love in free gifts, we have a way to pay only credit card and bank transfer and after extra how online I expect the frequency of certain customers in demand – because the payment will be in time to directly and immediately – but the best of this heritage on the daily quest behind a customer request analysis and time customer service in improving the quality of communication and service provided.

Addressing system recommendations:

We come to the dilemma the following initiative in electronic commerce, namely, the addressing system, The system or the clients don’t address them as I like to call it a problem vehicle and connected mainly been first – payment on delivery – where to ratio please pay on delivery – any that a student applicant does not receive cargo – ranging from 20% to 40% depending on the store and Shipping and while in orders prepaid does not exceed the 2% Only of the total requests, the difference here is enormous for more than one reason:

  1. The title was not clear from the original and a lot of clients prefer to send the location via WhatsApp to the recommendation, of course with the number of large orders with the delegates of shipping companies, This solution is useless completely
  2. If the title is clear and on delivery cannot delegate the shipping company to leave the shipment in front of the house workers – like all countries of the world – especially if their value is simple, because you have to bathe the amount of demand of client
  3. A lot – this is a mystery for me – clients don’t answer weird numbers unless you contact them via WhatsApp or text message and here we get into another problem where it would delegate to the return of the shipment to the warehouse to re-schedule it again the next day.

All of these things are very stressful for the shipping, of course this is not without the responsibility of a lot of report that occurs because of their desire to increase the number of applications received, and the expansion of work, even if it was over their energy absorption capacity.

“The popularization of body calls for shipping companies to recommend the adoption of the address in the delivery and training of its employees to use.”

After the decision of the education and the demise of the defense system upon receipt and adoption of the National address, we’ll see interesting leap in the speed and efficiency of delivery and enter the company more available options for more people, express freight, fast charging, charging normal and does not replace, I say their prices little by little with the intensity of competition and the options.


Expect to succeed, specialty stores, or that possess their own products more than others and the demise of a lot of shops that rely on traditional products which are available in the markets directly because enter the market of electronic commerce it will be easier – not in a condition to be easy – and will increase competition on price and often will enjoy the small shops and other specialized competition.

“We’ll see new creations in the quality of the electronic stores because the main focus became in the specialty, rather than administrative problems and logistical sterile strain – strongly God – the owners of the projects and the operating costs of them.”

Customer service:

Here I say it directly, the customer service industry we have in the kingdom – whether trading electronically or other -, bad to the extreme, and it is rare to find customer service professional will apply the applicants to speak.

Projects based on specialization and excellence in customer service is the future projects which will be cost more than others, excuses the payment system of the headlining to the demise of will We of features – and quickly – in the innovation in customer service, I expect this and because we are in real crisis in this aspect.

“Customer service and small details in the creativity and specialization are of will significantly impact the success or failure of projects are the rule, not the competition and reduced the prices and marketing excessive”

Things superior:

  1. Will change between one period and another sign of a scam become a with shop shops or with services over new, and the comments are terrifying in Twitter especially, ignore them anyway.
  2. Will the stats and see that people still prefer the service of payment on delivery, and ignored anyway.
  3. May be affected by the merchants, principally on the payment service upon receipt for a short time, but this tax change and the situation will be better and and.
  4. I was good and Halal, expense reimbursement, but tired us God, God bless you :).

Choose the quoted article – friend mazen strikes about the meeting to the founder of Amazon Jeff bezos where he asked mazen Jeff about what is the most important thing to fix. to apply e-commerce? But bezos fast:

“Fix electronic payments, then everything will take its course”.

Author: Abdullah answer: the founder of the attitude of a loving gift, one of the founders of the website shop ideas and marketing manager of former

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