Do I leave my job to start a company?


By virtue of my presence in the community of entrepreneurship etc a lot of the pioneers of conferences, forums and seminars, I find this question repeated often. In that community, you find that new entrepreneurs or thinking about entering this area are affected by the WHO, who led his company to success, or who may be inspired by the Word of their conferences and forums the May rush – and spontaneously – To of the job ladder and begin to create their own company. This thing is not negative in itself but rather a mechanism for its implementation may be failing because of leaving a job and start your work requires significant changes in personal behavior and way of thinking and level of expertise. I will try here to talk about some important aspects relating to the establishment of the company I will present some ideas and practical steps for future problems.

The reason for the creation of the company

Before you start, ask yourself why you want to quit your job and create the company? Is it because you’re motivated after watching your one of the successful experiences and the replicated? Are you looking for money and profits and income better than you are? Is it because you hate your current job or your boss? Do you have a passion for the project exists to drive and want to solve and the establishment of a company through its

Certainly there are a lot of reasons that may be the motivation behind this step, and believe me, many of them illogical. The task here is you, you must know the real reason behind the impulse for this step, and you’re the only one who will be able to determine if the cause is real and logical and deserves this step or not.

The management of the company

Before, during, or after the creation of your startup, it is very important to keep your expectations about this company and their requirements and details the administrative and operational right so as not to fall trauma. First, you should know that the level of risk in startups is usually high, and very high, so most startups fail, as statistics say. Secondly, the company needs capital and a large part of the capital might be you, it means that if you are superior will be able to save a lot of costs on the Company this is very important in the beginning. Thirdly, the company is emerging not 8 hours, not even 24 hours . Compare this fact as you operate partially (part time) so you can imagine how you would form the company and how to catch up to its competition. Fourth, if you are working in the company part-time, so how you can persuade your staff to work full-time? Not only that, how are you going to inspire them to work hard with, because inspiration comes from the belief of the period that didn’t convince you to leave your job. Fifth, if you need money for investors, they will not risk their money to invest in your company if you didn’t risk your job.

Management of personal income

In the job, you know perfectly well that there is a steady income you’ll get in another month this will help you to manage your income and personal planning for everything in your life and the lives of your family. If you founded your startup, and the equation is quite different because there won’t be “above” the physical that large companies enjoy stable. So, there will be no monthly income, but there will be spent per month on the company and their operating costs. Not only this, in the best case it would take long months has been up for a year and more until things start to get better through sales or attract investors. The worst case expected is a failure as most startups fail, so you must have an alternative plan.

Do I leave my job?

Now, before leaving your job, you can make the right decision because what we talked about until now unaware of many of the new entrepreneurs and learn these things after being cast themselves in the middle of the ocean and few of them survived. The decision to leave a job varies from person to person according to his status, abilities and capabilities and expertise, but after becoming the expectations are clearer for you, I want to tell steps, very brief have to take before leaving your job:

The initial verification of the idea.

Since the idea is central to the work of the company, you should first verify it is a mechanism to solve the problem existing even build your plans. There are many ways to get rid of the idea to see how its need in the market and they certainly vary from company to company and from sector to sector. Of the most important ways is to target the owners of the problem and the solution to them orally or through a presentation or questions so you can take their opinions and ideas which usually apply from other angles you haven’t considered. After that try to expand the circle of control and the extent of interest in people what you are going through website design core is too simplistic to explain the idea with the button for download or send e-mail to inform the visitor of the launch of the product. If the indicators here are good and the number of visitors who registered their interest period is acceptable for you, this means that the product “may” is acceptable after all.

Build the initial product

Intended by the initial treatment is a highly simplified version of the program or website or app to make sure the way your solution to the problem you are working on. The initial product quality must be acceptable so they must be very focused on the job alone a solution to the problem. Make sure not to Euro behind the other characteristics that may make the home appear integrated because this will allow you the problems you’re indispensable at this stage. Keep in mind that the goal is to launch the product as soon as possible and less expensive to verify your hypothesis developed by to resolve the problem and launch the best products. After that you will get the views of users and suggestions that will help you to improve the product and this state will last you forever and ever.

After all, if you can’t get the users and clients of the Prime it’s a very strong indication that you have a big problem in the middle or in the service or in the way of solving the problem worst of it is that you’re trying to solve a problem doesn’t exist so there’s no users and customers. If the number of users and customers, sales on the rise, this is a positive Indicator. The question here, when you leave your job?. You should determine in advance what number you think its a preliminary indication of success and think that the risk has become less because this will help you to answer the question of the gold, do I leave my job now?

Finally, I would like to note that entrepreneurship through a very difficult furnished with thorns and not roses as portrayed by some and requires a lot of effort and also expertise to achieve success. I’m not here to spread frustration, but show the truth as it is to even be in the completed state in case of failure, The you should plan well for this stage of your life so don’t find yourself in financial problems, or social, or maybe legal affect you negatively.

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