Do launches Apple version of Face Time for Android Windows in 2020

هل تطلق ابل نسخة Face Time للاندرويد والويندوز في 2020do launches Apple version of Face Time for Android Windows in 2020

Face Time is an application talks Apple Famous which allows communication of video or voice calls across your other Apple devices different, it looks like he will soon move to platform other.

According to reports published this week, owing to its global urgent need for more work applications and video conferencing due to the stone home applicable to most inhabitants of the Earth, it seems that Apple started to think seriously about the availability of its FaceTime systems run Android Windows, too.

And Apple combine up to 32 people in a video call or a group voice call on the application.

Face Time for Android Windows

Of course if this happened we might see a huge jump in numbers using this app, for the popular system Android Windows, too, which means that Apple will significantly benefit.

These reports compromise the appearance of the problems of privacy and multi-application (zoom) famous for business meetings, namely the reports about the violation of the speaker of privacy, and the spread of the application of the Google Duo significantly, despite its launch four years ago now.

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