Do not expect the inclusion of ECG in the Apple Watch Series 4 in our country

Recently Apple held its probably the most boring autumn presentation. Many believe that did not show anything interesting, but personally I was interested in watch 4 Watch Series.

Interested in primarily the ability to remove the electrocardiogram. I praise Veles, this functionality from your mobile device is not required, and indeed it is not such a big number of potential buyers of smart watches.

But that is not important. In short, I think that smart watches may eventually turn into devices that will significantly change the world. It will not happen immediately, and many countries for a long time will not affect (our, sorry), but this is detail. I believe that smart watches will gradually acquire more and more sensors to monitor your health. And in the end it all will be able to integrate into healthcare. No, such devices will never replace a full-fledged medical device, but they will monitor your health constantly, allowing in many cases to learn about the problem much earlier than you do something starts to hurt, forcing him to go to the hospital. I could argue on this subject, but now not about it.

The announcement that all this, unfortunately, will happen very slowly. As already mentioned, Apple Watch Series 4 had the opportunity to take an electrocardiogram. But so far only in the United States. Moreover, at the start of the sales function will be unavailable. It will include a later update watchOS.

As it became known, in other countries enable this feature for the model Watch Series 4 may not take place. The point is that Apple needed in each (!) the country where she wants to activate the ECG module, to obtain permission from the appropriate authorities. The exception is the EU, which is enough to get one for the whole European Union. And the permission process, though simple, but very lengthy. There is no accurate data, but it is from several months to several years! This means that in many countries Apple is simply not even will be taken for the procedure.

But let’s look on the other side. Yes, Apple in many segments is the engine, and, as if you did not belong to her, sometimes the question arises: if not Apple, then who? And in this situation some time, so be it. But eventually catch up and the other players catch up with other technologies. For example, non-invasive glucometers are working on many, including the Apple. Believe me, when all this is going to work and constantly transmit the data to medical institutions, the world will be different.

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