Do not update youtube application now !

If you update the YouTube application on Android to the latest version, No. 13.27, as I did, you won’t move anywhere video when you click on the navigation bar.

Natural that you can click anywhere on the navigation bar to another part of the video, but after the last update, if you click on the navigation bar, the video will not respond.

However, you’ll find that you can use the navigation bar to the the other way up function: long tap the Red point on the tape and drag to the right or to the left.

I think we agree that the alternative method is not entirely practical, so I think this bug will be repaired soon, and then gonna make a decision to share with you the new.

Finally, turn off auto update to the YouTube application or any application: go to the app page at play, and click on the list of three points the top right of the screen, and cancel the “allow automatic update”.

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