Do we need tablets in 2K20? Do you agree with the statistics?

Only when there was the first modern tablet, I remember I wanted to buy it and how wanted to do it quickly. I was very interested to try them, and most importantly, smartphones and touch screens were still retained an aura of novelty. Then, of course, in the niche of these devices alone is present, only the iPad. Too late began to catch up with the other manufacturers. First, something very simple, and now even have the top Samsung and Huawei, which cost over 50 000. Here only can we say that this type of device is so popular that it wants to buy everything and everyone? Analysts say that almost true, but with one ”but”.

Tablet needed for many, but some do not understand why he is.

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The popularity of tablet computers

According to the analytical Agency Canalys, in recent years the popularity of tablet PCs has begun to decline, but in the second quarter tablet shipments reached 37,5 million units, 26% more than in the same quarter last year.

Analysts attribute this to the imposed coronavirus culture for remote work and learning. For example, 90% of the 694 million students worldwide to adopt virtual training and were forced to find a gadget which it will be convenient to use at home. In many ways, so tablet manufacturers are experiencing the rebirth of the market, as confirmed by the report of analysts Canalys.

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What is the advantage tablets

The tablet is notable for the fact that can offer the user enough performance and a large screen. At the same time, for relatively little money. Amid this success, the sellers will naturally try to fix the result, but it will not be easy.

Huawei can also, if you want.

Despite the fact that Lenovo is in fifth place in the top five of the world’s largest manufacturers of tablets, that she had the biggest growth of 52.9% per year. The company shipped about 2.8 million units. Four of its competitor showed slightly more modest growth, but their sales allow them not to worry about it.

The performance of the first Quartet is as follows:

  • Apple sold 14 million units (growth by 19.8%)
  • Samsung sold 7 million units (an increase of 39.2%)
  • Huawei has sold 4.7 million devices (an increase of 44.5%)
  • Amazon sold 3 million units (an increase of 37.1%)

Statistics are impressive.

According to Canalys, double-digit growth of the top five manufacturers of tablets reflects the volume of supply, usually associated with the festive season in the fourth quarter. It was during this period rise dramatically sales of consumer electronics when you buy it as a gift to yourself and your family.

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Why Apple sells more tablets

It is not surprising that Apple retained the lead and still show, albeit a bit smaller, but growing. While in some markets, for example, in Western Europe, the tablet Huawei sold almost no better than Apple. Leadership kupertinovtsy natural. They are not just the first to make such a gadget, but also to develop it methodically, in a time like the others think about him only occasionally, releasing updated models.

Since then, as Steve jobs revealed the first iPad the world has changed.

Tablets experienced a Renaissance in the second quarter of 2020, because the device allowed people to get what they need to work remotely and use in education, — said an analyst at Canalys Ishan Dutt — the Possibility of virtual collaboration, and viewing of digital content and collaboration become paramount, especially in education.

Pandemic coronavirus has increased competition in the field of devices for the house used by family members, forced to stay under the same roof — continued Dutt — the Tablets help to solve this problem by allowing each family member to have their own device. They are more affordable than desktops and laptops.

Each of the five leading vendors also increased total PC shipments (including tablets) compared to the second quarter of 2019. The five largest players of the market in the second quarter of 2019 and the second quarter of 2020 steel Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Amazon and Lenovo. Their sales last quarter rose 14% compared to the second quarter of 2019, amounting to 110,5 million units.

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Computer manufacturers

Among the listed companies Lenovo took first place, as shipped 20.2 million desktops, laptops and tablets. Apple took the second place in this category with an increase of 18% compared to the same period last year and shipments at the level of 19.6 million units.

With accessories such tablets can replace computers.

Canalys senior analyst Ben Stanton also in the press release noted that an important role in the growth of sales was played by the discounts and special promotions that suit retailers. Including discounts established programmes in the spirit of ”back to school ” and the like.

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That the sales did not fall, sellers studied the capabilities of a remote product sales and collaboration with operators offering discounts on telecommunications services. In some regions — especially in Asia-Pacific — these bonuses are often very positive effect on sales.

In the end, we see that, even temporarily, but tablets are again very actively began to occupy the market. Perhaps people will taste it and will buy them further. And perhaps no. What do you think about the convenience and need of tablets? Personally I have it always, but often I need him to work. Speak out in detail in our Telegram chat, but first give a short answer in the poll below.

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