Do we really need to think accurately and immediately so as to (4K) is?

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More than ten years ago, specifically in 2007, has been capturing video of an event prominent in the village, after a few days; I took a thumb drive in his pocket and headed towards my uncle’s house, he has photographed through his phone possible at the time, he wasn’t able to most people to kill a phone like that because of its high price, and the characteristics the phone has been “amazing” in his era, especially the resolution of the camera and the quality of the filming of the video.

I’ve had the Nokia n80

I still have that decision until today, when I watch it I notice big difference in quality and accuracy between it and any other clip is filmed with any phone that is available these days, but I remember then I was impressed with the quality and size of the video, and if someone asked me back then is the video quality satisfactory, I didn’t card the moment strongly: yes.

I wonder now: are you going to be the quality of the video that we filmed these days; satisfactory after ten years?

There’s a problem I have in terms of test accuracy the most appropriate when capturing photos and videos with the aim of documenting the moments and the memories, I know that those photos are not for now, is for the future, in order to come back to it after long years and remember those beautiful moments, and I don’t know, are you going to be the quality of the HD video satisfactory at that time, or that I am one when I watch these clips and I regret not filming is not strictly better.

In contrast; the design of the high precision, high cost in storage space, the problem is that those pictures and videos are files that can not be scanned, stay with you Year after year, and every year there is more enthusiasm and more (only if you use cloud storage), and continue to carry this burden with you whenever you moved between computers or hard drives, vast storage that’s a lot of interruptions, not to mention the burden of backup, which protects you from the treachery of time and crashes “country skitters Awl snap”.

Let’s focus -in this article – to video clips, because the sound in the end can carry its burden, the picture is not larger than 5 MB in most cases, the video is problem specific, it may depict a small clip of three or four minutes 4k the that its size has exceeded the GB and, and after the last even be surprised that the storage space may run out on you.

But, in the beginning, what is the 4K?

Is Icon video resolution, accuracy (Resolution) is the size of the area of the surface of the video a width and height, the higher the precision the more details emerged more in the picture, and accuracy is not screen space, the same space is generally measured in inches in, for example, there are smart phone screen size of 5 inches, the resolution is the amount of dots (pixels) that can be for the screen to use it, you may find two phones are equal in screen size, but the accuracy of the first is greater than the accuracy of the second, so find the colors where brighter and the details clearer.

As for shopping, the 4K simply denotes the number of pixels of the total needed by each frame (image) in the video, i.e., that the surface of the video consists of 4 thousand points (pixels), as indicated also by the label (Ultra High Difination) or simply (UHD), in order to perceive the difference between it and the rest of the species, look at this picture (source):

When is the 4K useful

If filming in 4K gives the advantage of the video by showing more details, it won’t be a huge difference only when the video displays in the large TVs, and of course that support this precision, especially when you’re close to the TV, then you will be able to see fine detail, and also be able to distinguish distant objects within the video.

When watching via the TV is relatively small, or watching video over the phone even if it supports that kind of precision, you won’t notice the difference, as well as when you see the big TV but from far away, then it would have the accuracy of the 4k with the 2k.

Although YouTube may open the council to raise the sections accurately the 4k many years ago, however, the publication of the article that accuracy is not very important, just adds a lot of burden on the content creator, it is not the only space is a problem, but even dealing with those videos during the editing requires more time and need for computers is higher in specifications, and uploaded the video to the internet, going to the cities, the package, why would a person refuse such sections will not only benefit the small percentage of viewers who open the YouTube via TV.

On the user end, it so often doesn’t say more people analyze the resolution to the 4K, simply because he wants to maintain the packet data (and), and because the difference -as we mentioned earlier – the non-observant.

Recently one of the Acer device the deployment of video where the difference between the quality of the HD and the 4K, filmed a short clip of three of Judah is different, and asked viewers can they tell the difference and discern every quality on the other through the watch, and the surprise that it was difficult to differentiate between them, it was all the same an extreme.

Water is the most important for 4K

From my point of view and a lot of people; that the only advantage to this precision (at least in our time) is the possibility of rounding during the montage, it obviates the use of the Zoom (Zoom), and in order to take advantage of it; you will be asked to do the work on the video and ejected less accurately than the 4K, so that you have the possibility -during the montage – work of the zoom on any element (or on the face of the speaker) because the surface of the original video is wider than the surface of the work space.

The dog will be obvious if you work in the production of videos or have a YouTube channel, so when you open a new project in the program editing like Adobe Premiere or others; you initially specify the project details, including video resolution, such as if you have to shoot 720 could not determine the accuracy of the project in 1080 otherwise will be forced to repeat the video so add site quality, but you can do the opposite, you may picture the 1080 can determine the course of action with the 720, then it’ll be a video of the original greater than the area of the final video, the When you want to zoom the screen at any stage of the video, you can just re-Space to normal it will be for the spectators like you made a zoom with the same camera.

Similarly you can apply it on the 4k, which will save you the possibility of approximation (zoom) at a good rate.

At present, I don’t use even the accuracy of the 1080 when shooting sections Personal which I intend to keep it for yourself, but I use 720, I see it enough, especially that I have a problem in storage media, but may move soon to the accuracy of 1080p, I don’t want to regret when I watch those clips after 10 years from now.

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