Do you agree the Evo SE is new to Android phones, right?

It is known that processors Apple typically beats their counterparts in the Android often, and this year gave us Apple phone iPhone SE new processor A13 which is the same processor in the border in a series of phones Evo 11 for a relatively low price starts from 400 USD. Will outperform in performance on Android phones is?

هل يتفوق ايفون SE على هواتف الأندرويد حقاً؟Phone Evo SE New next Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra

To answer this question, the team site Android Authority to conduct performance tests for comparison between phone Evo SE, new and one of the best Android phones this year which phone Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra.

A reminder of the specifications of both phones, the phone Evo SE new comes with a processor Apple A13 while the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a processor Snapdragon 865 with random memory size of 12 GB.

Performance tests included processor the main processor and the graphics separately and also their functioning with, and the expense of passing the tests the time in seconds and minutes.

In the selection of the main processor CPU to miss the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra by a margin of one second, while Apple iPhone SE new at the level of the GPU graphics processor, the test which the collection of therapists with Mixed to become the final result in favor of the Evo SE as evidenced by the picture.

هل يتفوق ايفون SE على هواتف الأندرويد حقاً؟

It is worth mentioning that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple had stated earlier that the phone Evo SE faster than any Android phone to another, which seems true based on testing performance.

Performance tests and thinking about shorthand

We would like to attach to it from several aspects, first, the differences in performance is very slight and not the user notes a difference on the level of actual use for any of the two devices, because all healers are strong enough to meet the needs of the user increase.

The other thing is that when you compare the phone to the last comparison must be comprehensive and must think of a way reductionist so that the focus is on one aspect and neglect the rest of the aspects.

Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra beats the Evo SE in all other aspects of the case and the camera, battery, and connection speed even on the level of exterior design by far also explain us the price difference between the two devices, which is 1000 USD approximately.

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