Do you drop the Intel with ARM streak and give up the summit after the long years?

هل تسقط إنتل و AMD بضربات ARM المتتالية وتتخلى عن القمة بعد سنوات طويلة؟

For years, the Rose the name of the processors, the computer company Intel to the point that the majority of people evaluate the power of computers, office portable, and the presence of Intel processor especially the category of “Core”, despite the existence of the other products particularly from the company AMD, which sometimes we see excel on the Intel processors of the same level, but this look like it’s on its way to over the coming years, not because of AMD, but the existence of the company ARM that allows companies to manufacture its processors based on architectures developed by.

Think ARM, which was known as Advanced RISC Machine in the former was founded in Cambridge in 1990, of the most important companies in the field of design and development of microprocessors in the world, but suffered for many years from the progress of Intel and the lack of adoption of manufacturers for their computers, despite the adoption of the company phones were not; most notably Qualcomm with Snapdragon and Samsung with processors access, Huawei with Kirin.

During the previous years, the company has seen an evolution in the market of manufacture of processors of the computer and some companies processors based on the architecture ARM and put it in the laptops that support the operating system Chrome from Google, also seek some companies to develop processors Snapdragon licensed from ARM in their laptops supporting the Windows 10 system and possibilities of light.

However, the biggest development in the history of the ARM was a market fund Vision SoftBank “SoftBank Vision Fund”, which fund owned by Japan’s SoftBank jointly with the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. Since then, the news began delightful heaped on the company for its chip design processing characteristic for manufacturers.

Successive strokes of the ARM facing Intel

It was the most important news in the financial period to buy ARM and, perhaps most important in its history; it is the decision of Apple to abandon Intel manufacture processors itself for the first time in history, using a design and architectural company in the development of processors for Apple Silicon , which said Apple TV will it provide better performance computers Mac compared with the previous processors. What contributed to the high value of the ARM and shed more light on what it has to offer.

The good news did not stop with the announcement of the Apple, but continued with the declaration of the Top500 list of most powerful supercomputers “Supercomputer” in the world, which saw for the first time facing systems and products based on the architecture ARM at the top.

Lost can Computer Fugaku hacks developed by Fujitsu and mosques in the center of the RIKEN computer science in Japan to occupy the top spot of the most powerful organs in the world, where the computer system 158,976 processing chip, all of which carry the system of A64FX, 48 nucleus, to the performance by approximately 415.5 beep with the possibility of its arrival about 1 pixel, despite the lack of any graphics processors next to the chip the CPU.

The Fujitsu developed the supercomputer with a license from ARM and at a cost that reached $ 1 million, lasted about 6 years in building it, but they got the lead and took it to Japan from the United States and China, which believe they manufacture the most powerful supercomputers over the past years.

The performance provided by the computer Fugaku outperform clearly on the computer Summit in Tennessee which was developed by IBM and was at the forefront of strongly 148.8 beep. What means that Japanese computers from Fujitsu stronger 2.8 times of the computer IBM.

And happy to buy the ARM they managed to achieve the lead, despite having 4 computers, a superhero of their design in the Top500 list. While facing towards the 340 computer superhero in the list the support chips Intel and AMD.

Are you using the ARM under the guidance of more blows?

Intel continues significant challenges in the recent period in the market of processors from AMD, but it now faced a greater risk with the development of the design of the ARM and major companies such as Apple their designs to manufacture their own processors. Which will put the screws on AMD as well in the coming period.

While running Qualcomm processors better design of ARM for laptops, things are going in favor of the company rise to the top gradually. Maybe speed up the pace reaching the top in the case of adopting companies such as Samsung and Huawei manufacture the special products based on the design of ARM as done with the processors of smart phones own.

Would be this point that the event served as the final blow that you receive intel from the areas came from far to take away all the lights?

While reeling Intel or stand firmly at the top after hitting the competitors, the most important thing for us as users having the best technology at affordable prices no matter what the manufacturer.

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