Do you end the era of Huawei in the smartphone market after the embargoes and the group?

We followed all the sudden decisions of the American administration, which led to the Prohibition of Huawei within the United States of America. This decision and its aftermath was no echo of the world, especially after the start of the American companies in the implementation of the resolution, most notably Google donor for the licensing of Android and its various services.

هل ينتهي عصر هواوي في سوق الهواتف الذكية بعد قرارات الحظر والمقاطعة؟

Do you end the era of Huawei in the smartphone market after the embargoes and the group?

In addition to Google, the company joined other technology such as Microsoft, Intel and KO your and other where announced are the other for the suspension to work with Huawei on the basis of the decision of the President, “Donald Trump,” however, the Ministry of trade of America decided had lifted the ban temporarily for a period of 90 days even live Huawei and companies cooperating with the organizing its affairs to participate.

Company ARM guide Huawei deathblow to Huawei!

This resolution now takes effect snowball or domino effect with each new day, and today the company announced the ARM famous British developer of the processors should stop all its dealings with Huawei. But what does a British company in this conflict, the Chinese/American?!

According to BBC, the company ARM very dependent on the U.S. technology industry, which made them think that it is the other implementation of the decision of the President Trump and about the cooperation with Huawei.

شركة ARM توجه هواوي ضربة قاضية لهواوي!

Company ARM guide Huawei deathblow to Huawei!

Stop the cooperation between ARM and Huawei will be no adverse impact on Huawei, which depend on the technology ARM in the manufacture of processors Kirin by company HiSilicon proprietary, which means that Huawei can’t manufacture processors for their organs in the future if you stay this situation for what it is but if you decide to manufacture the products from scratch which could take years.

According to the BBC also, the company’s ARM will allow for completion of manufacture of the processor Kirin 980 user series phones Huawei P30 and Honor 20 as well as processor Kirin 710 the user in the mobile medium specifications, and also complete the ongoing work on the processor Kirin 985 that will be used in series for Huawei Mate 30 later this year.

Sector Huawei smartphones in the wind!

Currently facing Huawei is a huge problem in relation to the sector of smart phones own receive in two basic strands:

  • Stop working with Google and the loss of updates to the Android big future in addition to the Google services basic as Google Play (current phones will not be affected to know it in detail via this article)
  • The leadership of companies such as Qualcomm, Intel and arm to suspend its business with Huawei.

The first part about the operating system has been overtaken by Huawei to provide a system and alternative apps based on Android as you say the reports, is currently known as the HongMeng OS or KirinOS. The second prong, it is the most important and difficult as regarding the components of physical devices (hardware) which is something not easy to overtake.

قطاع هواوي للهواتف الذكية في مهب الريح!

Sector Huawei smartphones in the wind!

The only hope that please Huawei is the Chinese government’s intervention to resolve the crisis by clicking on the United States, or the arrival of the negotiations between the governments of the two countries in a trade dispute to be resolved before the expiry of the time limit the ban to the end of August next.

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