Do you have a watch Apple TV? A list of our selection of a group of the best extensions for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch in all the versions, its the fact that it has support from a large community of developers, designers, and accessories is what makes it completely customizable through the thousands of accessories available. In the following list our picks for some of accessories accessories available for the Apple Watch which will make you get more of that smart watch.

هل تمتلك ساعة آبل ؟ قائمة من اختيارنا لمجموعة من أفضل ملحقات Apple Watch

Wrist strap and bag protection from Monowear fun classic watches

Company offers Monowear the perfect set of bracelets wrist, designed for Apple’s smart TV. Enjoy the bracelet and the leather specifically that it sells perfect quality, design and colors to make your smart watch closer for classic watches due to the design and adoption of the Rings metal luxury to install the bracelet. the result is that you get a smart watch but its look like totally custom for you which is the main drawback in smart wrist that look all similar to each other. Prices range from bracelets, leather Monowear between 45 to 60 USD which is a perfect price for its quality.

If what you’re looking for more sense of privacy, the company offers leather bag under the name Monochest fun classic watches where hour Apple with three bracelets different wrist with a dedicated place to charge the former while it’s in the bag. Exchange the bag at $ 50 and will not be lost to him only the ability to reserve by the hour bracelet wrist different in the image of the elegant and tidy.

هل تمتلك ساعة آبل ؟ قائمة من اختيارنا لمجموعة من أفضل ملحقات Apple Watch

Slipcovers protective of Anhem

As is customary with Apple products, you get the middle of attractive design, elaborately, and is made of materials fantastic and eye-catching, but the challenge remains permanent here in the preservation of Apple products with the figure striking and protect it from scratches and cracks without affecting the external form attractive to those organizations, which have become most of the time made of glass in most of them.

Make the covers of Anhem for Apple Watch protection great in the cover photo or the cover, transmitting hourly from all sides except for the front display, but without the slightest effect on the external form of power, where the making of that covers a flexible plastic or carbon fiber (depending on Model) glossy paint looks just as good as the external shape of the market at a price perfect starts from $ 10.

هل تمتلك ساعة آبل ؟ قائمة من اختيارنا لمجموعة من أفضل ملحقات Apple Watch

The base wireless charging from the Nomad

These are one of the best rules of wireless charging with Qi Wireless currently available on the market. Those coming from the production company Nomad shipping integrated set of electronic devices include a mobile phone such as the iPhone or else Apple Watch, as well as ear headphones portable Airpods at the same time and on the same product and extremely elegant. You can use that rule in the shipment of any three products more different to support the wireless charging standard the same.

The charging base itself is made of luxurious leather, and magnetic base are high specially prepared to charge the Apple Watch. Sold Nomad BaseStation Wireless Charging base at a high price of $ 140 USD.

هل تمتلك ساعة آبل ؟ قائمة من اختيارنا لمجموعة من أفضل ملحقات Apple Watch

Sports accessories of the Catalyst

We all know that the Three Generations, The Last of the Apple Watch waterproof. But if you want to exceed that one step further, the company Catalyst competent for the proliferation of sports accessories luxury for smart watches, mobile phones, offering you the cover of the special protection wrist band sports makes your smart watch waterproof to a depth of up to 100 meters, plus insulation and complete protection anti-dust, ice, shockproof to falls from height exceeds two meters. This product is sold at a price of 70 USD.

The company Catalyst is already a leader in the field of sports accessories for the Apple TV, perhaps be the first that developed the cover for full protection authority also covers button ring for right-click alternative of thick plastic to protect it without losing the sense of war button ring Image by Apple where the company added that button ring that holds the button to the original a similar mechanism to make you feel reaction of movement when you move it or squeeze it. Interesting actually to see a company developing extensions to protect put this much attention to detail in the products he sees a lot of people simple.

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