Do you have to upgrade from iPhone X to iPhone XS?

After the announcement of the iPhone, including iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR, no longer Apple sells the iPhone X.

It is worth mentioning that these new phones are available for pre-order at the moment, but do you have to upgrade from iPhone X to one of the new devices?

This year did not provide updated iPhone dramatic changes as large as past years – especially when compared to the changes that have been made in iPhone X last year.

In terms of features, the iPhone X and iPhone XS very close to each other. We both know OLED screens measuring 5.8 inches with a resolution of similar. Features such as HDR10, the وDolby Vision, and Super Retina all identical also. You will also get the same basic features, including the 3D Touch Face ID and the wireless. However, Apple says that the iPhone XS features shipped wireless faster than iPhone X, moreover the performance of Face ID’s faster too. But these improvements have not been tested effectively up to now.

الترقية من iPhone X إلى iPhone XS

The iPhone XS iPhone XS Max the first versions of the iPhone, which features support dual SIM cards, this is a great addition for people who travel regularly and find themselves in the need to switch mobile networks.

Features Phone iPhone XS iPhone XS Max this year with the A12 Bionic new from Apple, the company says it is “the smartest and most powerful chip found in smart phone”. And Apple also A12 Bionic features a faster performance by 15% from A11 Bionic with 2 cores, and consumes less power by 50% thanks to the nucleoli quartet top efficiency.

But how convenient these improvements in everyday use? Likely that it would not be noticeable significantly. While you may notice the extra power when you experience heavy games or use features of augmented reality.

There are several other improvements worth noting: a 4 × 4 MIMO to improve performance for cellular, improved water resistance, a stereo recording for video, and more.

As is the case with many of the years, it has been updated techniques and features of photography on the iPhone XS. Apple states that the camera system iPhone XS features Flash True Tone new, the opening of the faster lens. But still, both devices have the same accuracy of the lens 12 megapixel.

الترقية من iPhone X إلى iPhone XS

In terms of the system, there is new support for bokeh effects وDepth Control. This means that you can adjust the focal length and depth after you take a photo Portrait.

Include other improvements, the improvement of taking selfies, the status of Portrait, showing more details in low-light mode, and export the quick shots more sharply, in addition to the HDR smartphone.

The big reason that will push you to

However, with all these improvements that we have mentioned, there is one significant change is considered the primary motivation for development, which is the version of XS Max new – OLED screen measuring 6.5 inches.

Unlike the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X available in the form of a one-size 5.8 inches. Although this volume was great in itself, except that the issuance of XS Max might seem tempting for the lovers of Style “Plus”.

الترقية من iPhone X إلى iPhone XS

With the iPhone XS Max new, you will get the accuracy report 2688 × 1242, which makes the 458 pixels per inch. With the size of the screen anti, the iOS system is able to support the display of apps in the scene enlarged, allowing to display two columns in some apps like messages.

As for battery life, the iPhone XS Max have a period of work an additional 90 minutes more than the iPhone X. At the same time, the iPhone XS a further increase in the period of work up to 30 minutes compared to the phone iPhone X.

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