Do you know the RTX Voice of Nvidia’s? Here’s what we know about the audio represented in the video broadcast

هل تعرف RTX Voice من إنفيديا ؟ إليكم ما نعرفه عن التقنية الصوتية المميزة في بث الفيديو

We know most companies Nvidia technologies graphics processing cards, fees possible that its development for players and better visual capabilities, especially with the A series processors trace Rays GeForce RTX that provides the graphics closer to the truth. in games and tremendous speed in processing images in software design, editing and programming, but what known is her work on the technique of pulling the sound with the technology of RTX Voice.

What are the technology NVIDIA RTX Voiceis?

Is the technology for RTX Voice sound one of the advantages that are available with processors Nvidia the benefits of tracing rays, where the use of artificial intelligence techniques available in treatments to improve sound quality and reduce noise the ocean the cops to help him do broadcast games, videos, or even video conferences and conduct voice conversations clearly, like in a place like Call.

Say technical voice of Nvidia to get rid of all the sounds in place and to retain the source of the main sound, and thus give him the ability to go fearlessly to record audio or video or even go live and hold an online conference in a place full of people.

Technology is available the RTX Voice stages of the game with a BETA version of the pilot, but it offers amazing advantages though. The company wants to improve more with the views of the users.

How you can take advantage of the technology RTX Voice?

Perhaps by its name we can know their need for processors that support tracking techniques rays, which is also where the water to devices that contain processors, graphics GeForce RTX or Quadro RTX with update 410.18.

It also depends on the hardware that supports the operating system Windows 10 from Microsoft, which seems natural with the existence of processors Nvidia on computers that are running Windows 10 yet.

Are you working on a platform one or more platform?

Can take advantage of the RTX Voice with many applications and programs of evacuation of the add microphone headphones default within the operating system, and then can utilize them to the list of applications, including:

  • OBS Studio
  • Discord
  • Streamlabs
  • XSplit Broadcaster
  • XSplit Gamecaster
  • Twitch Studio
  • Google Chrome
  • net Chat

Also you can tap on services and applications other popular have become popular more recently with the outbreak of the epidemic of Kuru in the world; such as WebEx, Skype, Zoom, Slack, and Teams, as well as Steam Chat.

What a way to start taking advantage of technology Nvidia audio RTX Voiceis?

Lead Technical on the establishment of a sound system by default when you install the app to the device after the revision of the ambient sound and noise in the background and outputting the pure sound of the broadcast to applications that are supported by the system is not fully operational.

To begin work, follow these steps:

  • Download the app from here.
  • To install the application.
  • The preparation of the voice RTX via:
    • Test the microphone and speaker to be used.
    • Cancelling background noise the microphone hearing range.
  • Adjust the application to use water on it.

Since there are a large number of applications supported by technology, we’re going to explain an example of the page can likewise process steps similar with the rest of the applications; these applications are the OBS Studio and Discord:

  • Discord

    1. Go to Settings and select the audio and video.
    2. Choose NVIDIA RTX Voice as the default option for the microphone hearing range.
    3. Cancellation feature noise insulation in the app to get the best technical advantages.

Discord - RTX Voice
Discord - RTX Voice
Discord - RTX Voice

  • OBS Studio

    1. Go to Settings and choose Sound.
    2. Choose NVIDIA RTX Voice as the default option for the microphone hearing range.

OBS Studio - NVIDIA RTX Voice
OBS Studio -

If you who have devices with processors RTX from Nvidia and welcomes in the start of the broadcast, conducting interviews via the internet but you are afraid of the surrounding noise, maybe you should download the app and audio technology possible opportunity. If you’re a fan of the broadcast and do not have the processors trace Rays RTX, maybe you should acquisition one from here.

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