Do you miss phones iPhone actually to the fast charging technology?!

One of the most significant shortcomings in phones iPhone compared to the Android is its lack to provide quick shipping as required that meets the needs of the user, will this change soon?!

هل تفتقد هواتف الآيفون فعلاً إلى تقنية الشحن السريع ؟!

Do you miss phones iPhone actually to the fast charging technology?!

Versions of 2017 of the iPhone, which include iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X supports fast charging technology, but in the presence of the shipper, the traditional value to it at all, because you need to purchase a cable and a charger with greater force so you can take advantage of, and may cost you about 50$ on average.

Fast charging technology on the horizon!

Maybe it’s time to radically change and work on it, Paul, according to the latest reports, I will raise the efficiency of the circuits charging up to 15 or 18 and as is the case in Android phones leading this speed up the charging process and shorten the time required to complete charging the battery.

Apple will cooperate with the company Power Integrations U.S. to provide them with the necessary shipping versions of the iPhone Next, you’ll be Power Integrations is the official partner and exclusive for the Apple TV in regards to techniques of shipping.

And fast charger too!

It is not enough just to support the phones the iPhone coming fast charging technology with high efficiency, but it will also fast Charger with the same efficiency and is referred to other reports on the possibility of the advent of the new Charger with the phones iPhone 18 and instead of tea traditional that with its 5-watt only.

Then use a quick Charger with one of phones iPhone (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X) The percentage of charging to 50% in just 30 minutes, and if you believe the previous expectations regarding the update of the fast charging technology in phones the iPhone killer with the addition of a charger in a strong box might be better score and you won’t have to wait around two or three hours until the process of shipping!

Do you miss phones iPhone actually to the fast charging technology?! And do you really need?!

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