Do you need to upgrade from the headphones AirPods وAirPods2 to hear the AirPods Pro new?

The company announced the Apple officially released the new Sky wireless AirPods Pro, that apply to the transfer of the shop first in noise cancellation feature, are available for sale tomorrow priced at $ 249, which ripen to issue Apple which was announced in March last AirPods2 the issuance of the company’s first AirPods.

Launched officially headset Apple wireless AirPods Pro which filled many of the leaks during the financial period, which comes to the design and specifications of new we use it to get clearer on how important the upgrade to the new version of the current versions of Hear My AirPods and also AirPods2.

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The difference between the issue price of the new AirPods Pro and previous versions AirPods 2 وAirPods

  • AirPods Pro is priced at $ 249
  • AirPods2 at a starting price of $ 159
  • AirPods at a price of $ 159.

And the Apple headset AirPods Pro New priced at $ 249 with a portfolio of wireless charging, while the headset comes with a AirPods 2 in the main model portfolio traditional without the wireless charging feature with the price of 159 dollars, were for top model with a portfolio of wireless charging featuring the sky and see dollars, as the available portfolio of wireless charging independently of Apple at a price of $ 79.

Also comes the first version of the headset AirPods at a price of $ 159 but that Apple already stopped for selling this version, but may stop at the outlets outside now.

The nurses expected the relationship between the headset AirPods Pro and previous versions AirPods 2 وAirPods

Agree the three versions of the headset Apple wireless feature to call the cell phones of the iPhone, the iPad, hours the Apple smartphone by one click, with fast experience in the conjugations.

Also come headphones sensor works to adjust the audio automatically in the heavens according to the user’s favorite listening, as the speaker is working on the automation of health disparities when you put the fish in the ear, and the headset mics directly to answer calls, and also can use one hand in the headphones AirPod or the two together.

As you buy your headset AirPods 2 وAirPods in the double-clicking to play music, or skip music tracks, it also comes seen the same design language.

What are the differences between headset AirPods Pro and previous versions AirPods 2 وAirPods it?

Offer Apple headset AirPods Pro some of the differences from previous versions of Hear My AirPods 2 وAirPods and review differences in the sky and three in the next lines:


Apply headset AirPods Pro design waterproof with standards IPX4 resistance to sweating, while not supporting all of the Hear My AirPods 2 وAirPods water resistant feature.

Also come hear the AirPods Pro has a different design with the ends of the silicone in three sizes that support the fish well inside the user’s ear, as characterized by the hearing of the AirPods Pro controls more she put pressure on Sky to support better control, and headphone AirPods Pro feature noise cancellation via two microphones in the headset Apple wireless.


Feature headset AirPods Pro with advanced control inside the fish, where can one point to support the reception of calls, playback or pause music, also can click twice to play music, while you can click 3 times to return to the previous tracks.

Also can be prolonged pressure on the fish to support turn on or off the noise cancellation feature also includes a sky pattern Transparency that lets the user listen to a favorite song in clear audio Pure with Listen also to the sounds surrounding.

On the other hand, come hear my AirPods 2 وAirPods with a move within the sky over the double-clicking only, where the user can adjust any of the sky support double click, but double-clicking calls activate Siri and next or previous track, or the operating orientation, also can be double-clicked to receive calls.

The nurses and the main points in the headphones AirPods


Come hear the AirPods Pro noise cancelling with Adaptive EQ that supports the best performance in the sky beyond the AirPods 2 وAirPods, where technology Adaptive EQ in the headset AirPods Pro to adjust the frequencies automatically for the use of one side the sky independently.

Also come hear the AirPods Pro with dynamic acoustics work to adjust subwoofer audio, also featuring the sky engine a custom amplifier designed to raise the quality of the audio, remove noise from the background.

And for the AirPods Pro that activates the noise cancellation feature in flight mode, How come the feature of noise cancellation through the two microphones with sophisticated software.

Relieve the experience of the acoustics in the all of the Hear My AirPods 2 وAirPods to some extent, it is expected to be of lower quality than the headset Apple new AirPods Pro, due to the absence of the technique of Adaptive EQ.


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