Do you offer face recognition technology revolution in the facilitation procedures at airports?

Statistics say that the outcome of the travelers in all over the world reached nearly 4 million passengers annually. It is expected to double this figure over the next twenty years. In contrast, we find that the ability of airports to accommodate such huge numbers and audit in both small and Large is very difficult, so what’s the solution? A solution must be found working on the speed and ease in the procedures in addition to the security and maximum protection, and comes only through the gates biometric “biometrics” or coincidences of life, it is known that the fastest currently fingerprint, face or facial recognition Face ID as some call them.

The idea is to imprint the face in the airports, simply, that when the congruence between the characteristics of the face and passport, you’ll be able to bypass all the checkpoints from the pier to the cabin without having to show travel documents at all times. It’s a process of matching known as the Single Token Travel.

Apple company is not only betting that the imprint of the face you think is the best way to determine identity. The majority of airports and airlines are studying the use of this technique and its application to travellers.

Reported to Apple when launching the iPhone X, especially after the success of fingerprint facial: it will come on and give up the fingerprint for the fingerprint of the face. It seems that Airlines tend to this view.

Tell British Airways to the education and broaden the experience of face recognition as an alternative to remember the climb to the gate, and also: the experience so far has provided a lot of the time, which allowed passengers to ride the plane in half the time.

It also says:

Similar to the feature fingerprint of the face embedded in smart phones – a reference to the iPhone X–, the technique is used e-Gates biometric cameras high resolution and clarity to allow customers to pass through When is facial recognition and match them with a passport or a visa or a photo attack.

The praise of the passengers in the city of Orlando who traveled on the British lines. of Los Angeles, praising this process new biometric that have been applied since November 2017. Was able to the British lines. when you use these gates at the airport in Los Angeles for the first time of finishing the shift of the 400 passengers in just 22 minutes no less than half of the time without the use of this technique.

The company also works on Feature Selection the imprint of the face in other places instead of fingerprint. Like the immigration office in Miami and John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

The system uses the fingerprint technology face to verify the identity of the client and connect automatically to any existing records in the systems “CBP” Customs and Border Protection or authority of the SAI and Border Protection of the United States. And this technique simply, saving time and effort spent by the customer in the long queues to pass and review documents or the taking of fingerprints.

It is remarkable also, we hear that Dubai International Airport is looking to use this technique while there are Airlines including American, Jet Blue, and Delta is working on a stunt like this technique and want to apply it – don’t know why – according to several sources.

The service most difficult from the phone

Of course some may see that it is accurate and proper to rely on the imprint face, especially that there are videos to fool it like a child who managed to open the phone to his mother or the twins. This fact already but there are several things that make service in airports the hardest, for example, Apple’s iPhone is restricted to the status of camera and delicate in size and less from the mind of the finger while at the airport they can use the camera and sensitive more even if they wanted to use their size, length of a human being. This means superior accuracy is hard to deceive them and also deceive the child and his mother will not fit of course in the airport subject to the procedures for the travel of a woman in 35 of age and have a 12-year old boy that will not pass the course. Add to this the technical pilot now of any that are still developing for the future. If the presence control quick visual + accounts with much larger + the development of technical it makes it very difficult to deceive her. Especially it can be combined with other accounts examine the skin to confirm the presence of such masks.

What do you think the technology to recognize faces and its future is? And can trust as a way to secure the airports? Share your opinion in the comments


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