Do you offer thermal imaging cameras safety for self-driving cars be?

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هل تقدم كاميرات التصوير الحراري الأمان للسيارات ذاتية القيادة؟

After the incident horrific witnessed in the US state of Arizona last month, which killed a woman as a result of to run over a car uber self-driving, sharing the mind of observers of events an important question; why you didn’t notice smart technology in self-driving car crossing Ellen herzberg road and then stop so I don’t believe her? And how can you prevent the recurrence of such a situation? Is it possible to add new techniques to increase the coefficient of safety cars, such as cameras, thermal imaging?

The company has suspended uber tested the program indefinitely and is currently collaborating with the National Organization for the safety of the roads of the United States in their investigations about the incident. It did not disclose the Commission up to date about the results of the investigations but general attention riveted on “LEDs test” which is a sensor unit which operates the laser which was supposed to notice a woman even if she was in the dark. Maybe the car’s software has failed to recognize the lady as one of the passers-by or that he failed to interpret the data to make the decision by pressing the brake or behave properly.

Whatever the reason, can not neglect the research that make systems intelligent driving safer solution; which is what prompted the company FLIR Flir to examine the possibility of providing self-driving cars with cameras Thermal Control (thermal imaging cameras). And so does Mike Walters, head of product management network of the American traditional cameras dependent on visible light, the sensitive sensor thermal cameras depends on how much infrared waves. And do it in a minute, he can feel the nuances in temperature –even 0.1 degree Fahrenheit – can the camera recognize on the arm, the cold metal of the bike up in the air tonight frozen. Can sense it from a distance of up to 240 meters, which is the term common to most units LEDs “sensor laser”.

The enquiry units of the thermal sensor is not new, they are a common technique in many industries; as a secondary exploration of missile and exploring the corrosion by the populations to electric in the search for people in buildings during fire fighting.

Machine learning

The company has added already cameras in half a million vehicles over the past decade in some car models such as BMW 7. And the control screen in these cars the image of the luminous body that captures sensitive sensor with the camera in the dark in the time that it is difficult to note people or animals. The next step that started to flair already taken are the application of techniques of “machine learning” in dealing with the decisions of IR, which teach computer drive note things and both heat and cyclists.

And flair in the production system can use thermal imaging to explore problems automatically and alerting the driver or even apply the brakes automatically when needed.

Thermal imaging cameras are not alone

The use of thermal imaging will not become a substitute for radar, cameras and lady, but she added the company seeks to use it as a supplement to these techniques, as an additional way to observe the surrounding objects to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

Sees Karl get the President of the Board of Directors of the company none Nutonomy America specializing in self-driving cars that thermal imaging cameras are characterized by the possibility of working in harsh weather conditions and in dark places.

No flaws also

As for the disadvantages of the use of this technique due to their high price compared to the camera normal, the price of thermal camera the Seek like 2500$. Which is what makes this technique possible to use in luxury cars only although their prices are still less than the price of the LED path.

Also get that degree of clarity and precision that cameras less sharpness cameras normal. Also the infrared you are looking for does not penetrate the glass, they can’t sensor any object behind the glass.

This is what confirms it as a good technique if you are used to integration with other technologies, and manufacturers that are looking methods to take advantage of them to the side of the other while minimizing the total cost of these products so that they become idea is applicable in many cars and is not limited to a handful of luxury cars.

Do you offer thermal imaging cameras safety for self-driving cars be?

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