Do you prohibit the British government to Huawei after the report of the parliament?

Conclusion the members of Parliament that there is no reason the technique behind the exclusion of Huawei from telecom infrastructure in the UK, but suggested the presence of moral reasons and for the.

The freezing of Huawei in the telecommunication market of America due to fears that its equipment poses a risk to national security, namely the allegations of the implementation constantly, and in the past month orders have been issued for American companies to stop dealing with the company, a decision which means that future devices may not receive the updates for the Android OS from Google or access to their applications famous.

As to the actions of the government of the United States make it difficult for Huawei to import the equipment and help them to challenge the fifth-generation networks in the UK, the Huawei main supplier for the radios for all the operators of the UK’s four major press America’s allies to follow its step despite the absence of any evidence to suggest the existence of any fault of the company Huawei, and the United Kingdom conducting its own assessment, he was expected to report in the spring, but not yet.

Leaks British on the Prohibition of Huawei

هل تحظر الحكومة البريطانيية هواوي بعد تقرير البرلمانDo you prohibit the government of the Huawei after the report of the parliament

Proposed registration that the operators would not be prevented from using a range of Huawei in the layer of the radio network, but this is not yet confirmed, in a letter addressed to the British government, said science and Technology Commission Parliamentary that the operators do not believe that Huawei set up was less secure and that any prohibition would prevent the young people have less power to demand safety standards and higher than other sellers, it also expressed concern about reduced competition in the market and not provide any proof of the existence of weak points, however, called for the imposition of an official ban on the equipment of Huawei in the energy core of the company, It is a procedure proposed by the report, which was leaked by the government.

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Said Norman Lamb, the chairman of the committee: “we have not found any evidence of our work suggests that total exclusion of Huawei from telecommunications networks in the United Kingdom from the point of view of art, will be in response to a growing security threat potentially posed by foreign suppliers”, however the committee noted that the ban may be in the best interest of the United Kingdom in the light of the deteriorating relationship between London and Washington, the US has proposed in the past that they might limit the participation of intelligence information in case a game company Huawei’s role in the group 5G in the UK.

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