Do you refuse to Apple their prices due to the trade war between America and China?

It seems that the trade war between America and China will be smartphones, particularly Apple soon, in 2017 reached China’s exports to the United States $ 506 million, while exports came to the United States to China not worth $ 130 million.

There were imports to the United States worth $ 45 million Smartphones from China, which comes the bulk amount of phones iPhone that says the American company manufactured in its factories in China.

Also, the area of the Apple stores in China, most profitable in the markets for Apple globally, in addition to that there are 1.5 billion iOS developer in China, there are a number of employment working on assembling phones EVO in the interests of Foxconn in Shenzhen.

Now, if the White House decided to move forward in the imposing beauty of the new 10% as rumored in the recent period, the cost of importing a device like the EVO X will increase by $ 400! Then you may have Apple to raise the price of the iPhone in America which is followed by a global increase on the rest of the consumers!

But the CEO of Apple did not distract decision like this after, saying : ” the state that embraces the openness that embraces trade, and development are the states that do it exceptionally, but we’ll wait and see whether the White House will listen to the problems of business owners.”

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