Do you share the faith of the X in the golden color soon

هل نشاهد الايفون اكس في لون ذهبي قريباً
Do you share the faith of the X in the golden color soon

Perhaps the launch of a new color for the phone, is one means of countering the low sales figures that began to appear clearly, and it is expected to become clearer during the next few months.

For iPhone x-talk.

However the report confirms that the golden color of the phone entered the production line already, and rumors remind us of the rights of the pre-launch of the phone, which was released in only two colors are grey and silver.

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EVO x gold?

He noted the reports of the number of analysts that the rising price of the phone might cast a negative on the future sales numbers clearly .

Apple, as usual, remained silent, as is the case in all common don’t sign one of their products.

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