Do you still need to mailing lists in the age of social networks?

Previously, the mailing lists are the most important means to hold a permanent connection with the site or the owner of the site, is an effective way to digital marketing, of course marketing is here in a comprehensive sense, contributing content and ideas and even the self, are all different forms of Marketing, and marketing is done only in the presence of channel marketing, e-mail one of the most important and highlighted those channels.

But you may ask and say: Do you still have mailing lists, effective today, after becoming an icon (Subscribe) on YouTube months of the fire, aware of, the icon (admiration) on Facebook from an intuitive and the internet, and other means many of which can be expected by the owners of the Web sites and digital with the audience to them and interested with.

YouTube and Facebook are not the only two significant examples, there are a lot of methods today that don’t cost the Publisher the digital single cent, while subscription services mailing lists that cost tens of dollars per month, the greater the number of participants and grew the mailing list has increased the amount until it became cumbersome and an additional burden to be reckoned with.

For example, the cost of the subscription in the website (GetResponse) which is the leading management services mailing lists $ 65 per month for 10 A email address or shared on the list, while can create a youtube channel and founded earn subscribers don’t even reach 10 thousand or even 100 thousand and more, and you need YouTube to pay any cents, it will give you some money if you decided to open advertising in the videos of your channel and share the profits with him.

The many ways to gain subscribers

Channels are not present in YouTube only, but there are channels for it in the application (term) for example, where you can post your videos as well as audio material, images and text alike, can invite others to participate in the channel and then be able to access them, and better yet that your messages will reach them on the form of alerts, unless they silence the channel if it’s annoying.

The story is that there are many ways to create a relationship with the audience, the social networks today is based on this concept, you have to have a page (or your product or your company), and then allow others to subscribe to that page and then the delivery of your voice and the content that you post sold to those subscribers, Twitter – Facebook – team – snapchat – youtube – Instagram, and others.

Instead of sending an e-mail message to the participants in the list, send them a publication channel in your term, or your page on Facebook or make a beautiful video explains the idea in a visual way fun then post in your channel.

In addition to being this method is free, there is another feature is the adjustable problem of the proliferation of automatic, many may know about your channel in YouTube and then buy it without interference from you, and this is what is not available in the mailing lists, you will not reach them and only visitors to your site, or you have to make some effort and pay some money to get some of the participants.

The Contractor for this free service is that the network itself can benefit from your audience in the presentation of the adverts you earn some dollars from them, there allows you to make a profit (like YouTube) but the rest is performed the Office alone, the Contractor is to provide a service that allows you to associate the audience your name, your company, product, or even your personal name.

Boom lists of new

Maybe content makers and pioneers of the internet have abandoned the mailing list for a while, when they found the Guinea of their social networks, but soon discovered the truth, the fact that you’re not able to access to all of your subscribers or your page, how many channel have tens of thousands of participants and is published a new video reaches only a thousand or two thousand people, of whom, as from a Facebook page, where millions of concerned and active reaches only to 1% of users.

The reason is in the algorithms of filtering in these networks, either in the mailing lists there’s any algorithm, if you have his e-mail, you’re able to access it, unless you decide to cancel the subscription or block you forever.

So after that hit the community of content makers and Entrepreneurs of digital disappointment repeated, they returned to the bosom of the mailing lists warm water, they returned to collect e-mails from within the page, and then send every now and then, it is the solution to surest in the shadow of the algorithms for social networks the acceptor, although the solution may cost some money, but the development has created other companies offer hosting service mailing lists at cheaper prices (such as the company Sendinblue) that offer plans according to the number of messages sent and not the number of participants.

Entities we choose it and answer the question, Yes we still need those mailing lists, whether we are receivers or senders, but we have to change our idea of these lists, and we take the way of effective communication and provide unique content, not to be promotional way annoying, is still an effective way when we live as a means to create human relations with a high value and not just the relationship between producers and consumers, and will that lists a significant impact, not only improving sales, but also in the development and enrichment of life.

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