Do you suppress the technology views and manipulate public opinion?


In the first hearing in Congress later this week, the president will CEO, Google “Sundar Pichai” on the seat not on Capitol Hill. It is expected the acute attack by lawmakers.

The question is Will he This time actually in accountability one of the most powerful companies on the planet about some big issues – such as data privacy, China and censorship – facing Google.

When it announced the House Judiciary Committee last week about hearing the ears, was a case which gripped the attention time is whether largest search engine in the world and the video of “YouTube” has a bias against conservatives. Which is logical given that the Republicans control the House of Representatives.

“Bob Goodluck” the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in a statement, “the technology used in online services such as social media and search engines on the internet can be used to suppress certain views, manipulation of public opinion”.

Experts say that dedicating a large part of the meeting to discuss the move would be a mistake. Where Google real challenges may be listen direct its CEO is clear if the legislators are using their time wisely. After all there is a lot to discuss at this meeting.

All these actions can substantially affect the shares of the company “Alphabet” (the official name of the stock Google). Can traders stock professional the use of this market situation positively earn money with trusted middlemen such as stock broker

The project “Dragonfly, Dragonfly” the secret that will search engine controlled to China, led to the needs of employees and freedom of resignations large. There is controversy about the collection of data after reports that the Google tracking the location of people even after they stopped viewing the site on their phones. There are security issues like bug that led to display the personal data of hundreds of thousands of users the Google network+ social.

He said, “Bob O’donnell,” chief analyst in the “see research”: “there are bigger fish should be caught in all the circumstances”. “If the focus is mostly on the conservative shift, it becomes a conversation very political and not necessarily a conversation forum”. That’s because some of the accusations that were thrown already on Google because of the bias against conservatives has been squandered.

In August he accused the president of “Donald Trump” Google’s political bias and has the face of a liberal. He added that the results of the Google search “forged” and that the company “gives conservative voices”. He also tweeted the video depicts the e-mail addresses promoted by former US President Barak Obama in all the month of January. Trump added the hashtag #StopTheBias.

However, Trump made a mistake and refused to Google this accusation, noting that her major didn’t tell the title of President in January. The company also said it did not promote any of the speech Trump or Obama years and their first at home because those words are not considered technically addresses the state of the Union.

However, this does not mean that the issue of bias against conservative should not be part of the discussions. In the last year after the department has launched the Trump’s travel ban controversial which includes seven countries with a Muslim majority, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google employees, they discussed changing the search results show how to measure their contribution in migration issues. After two days of the 2016 Elections Department Google deplores the winning Trump, according to a video of the meetings on the level of the company leaked to the prices in September.

And “Sergey Brin” one of the founders of the company Google in the video: “let’s face it, most of the people here are very sad because of the outcome of the election.” “As an immigrant one, I find this election very offensive, and I am sure that many of you believe it too”.

Is likely to continue “Pichai” that came out of the hearing of the high level in last September with Facebook and Twitter, questions about what he believes is a culture of liberal in a giant sea.

Do you suppress the technology views and manipulate public opinion?

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