Do you suspect that your smartphone is listening in without your knowledge? Yeah, you’re right!

How many times I was surprised of the content of my ad is attacking you through the pages of the Internet, or while using Internet applications on your mobile phone, and walked to the content of those ads, which began like you know exactly what you were thinking about or talking about a moment ago?! Don’t worry, you won’t need after a day to harden in the fact that your gadgets and devices electronic listening to your words and your actions, I am about to tell you that this is already true, or at least partially true somehow.

Further personal information .. more ads smart

Let’s agree at the outset that this age in which we live is the Golden Age of advertising and promotion of high fertility, which depends on the target user exactly in the manner closest to his psyche, which bring advertisers the best possible results represented in the highest proportion of sales in the community to watch or listen to ads.

You must be aware that ads today are the smartest, most personalized of any era ever, and that’s why the President so it is due – without a doubt – to the enormous increase in the volume of information that is available about you – as a user – to advertisers in water, which they go in knowing the tendencies of your personality and what you want to buy it to receive you directly in front of your eyes.

After that we laid those rules, the issue has become very controversial today is how to get the advertisers, the water, that information about you and what you like. I’ve always denied the big companies claims of its many spying on users, and sell their personal information to advertisers, the menu included a disclaimer , “Google” from the follow-up sites frequented by users and share it with advertisers, and the denial of “Apple”, “Microsoft” and other charges of a similar, more recently, the insistence of “Facebook” on his innocence of the charge, the most famous of listening to the conversations of users of its application on smart phones.

While possess large companies, such as “Apple” and”Google” and”Facebook” the bulk of information about users, except that maybe having those companies as much as large of the control mass, due to the testimony of a tyrant, what may not its ability to exploit those data in a manner that violates the privacy of users directly, however, other smaller companies and less famous perhaps have greater freedom to take advantage of that data collection.

Yes, we’re listening to you!

According to a report published by the newspaper “New York Times” a few days ago, the company called “Alfonso – Alphonso” working in the field to help businesses redirect their advertising on television in a better way, the process of adding already used in more than 250 electronic game available via the app store “Google Play” and “Apple Store” and tapping to the sounds of the ads and television through the microphone of your phone in the vicinity of the smartphone while the user with the app or the game.

More technical information provided by the company itself through its website website, the Company assumes for its development didn’t call it”cloud information TV” and that the cloud is updated in real time through the data is collected real-time from more than 40 million smart device, “without revealing the identity of users and devices.”

Interestingly, he does not promise that is the first time that are detected something similar, in the month of March last year, 2017, the face the body the Federal Trade of America a warning to 12 of the application developers of mobile phones due to use them to serve under the name of “SilverPush” inside their apps. And that the Addendum in the background to listen to the content of your ads TV without telling users.

You’re moving your data!

I have no doubt that this phenomenon will not recede, but on the contrary, will tend to further expansion, but maybe our understanding of him and interacted with this news is what will change toward greater receptivity or openness to the fact that a lot than you think by the information and personal data of high privacy is perhaps no longer the case in the current era.

Personally, I don’t think I feel comfortable selling my data to advertisers, but at the same time I’m not obsessed with Privacy to the extent that is paid to isolation from the social world of digital. In the meantime, I think you still have the option to any extent like making your information available as private cloud, maybe you do not have the option in the selection of information available to you thoroughly, but we were always sure that whenever you chose to voluntarily register with more Digital Services for social, whenever you choose to use more electronic devices and the Internet of things, you somehow tend to open up on this electronic world and give more information and your data in exchange for more comfort. Just make sure you don’t exceed the extent to which it feels comfortable.


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