Do you swim Huawei Samsung in the launch of the first smartphone folding in the world!

We have heard in recent years a lot of talk about intention of Samsung to launch first smartphone retractable in the world, the reports confirm that the phone is coming this year, but those years were passing without something to see on the ground, and now talk of the “almost certain” that the phone is coming over the next year.

But now we have reached news about that Samsung may not be the first to ask a smart phone and folding, as reported in the Nikkei that the company Huawei seeking to have a swim on the Samsung in the launch of that phone.

With the to buy Samsung the upper hand in the tea sector thanks to the Samsung Display, which is arm of the affiliate and is responsible for the production of tea,which today announced the passing of the first flexible display OLED unbreakable in the world of testing the security, but Huawei company depends on the company BOE China that produce OLED screens are flexible, and intends to launch a limited amount of phone folding analysts expect The to be done early next year.

Given the history of Huawei in the past years, we can say that it may precede Samsung really launch the first smart phone retractable in the world. In 2014 already the Chinese company Apple in the launch of the first phone with a glass Sapphire, Unscrew the phone Huawei Ascend P7 Sapphire, and then above it again in 2015, releasing the first phone with a screen Supports touch technology Force Touch in a special version of the phone it Huawei Mate S.

What about you? Do you expect to swim Huawei Samsung in the launch of the first smart phone foldable in the world? Let me know in the comments.

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