Do you take us smarter Google artificial to the world different?

قوقل تُطلق موقع جديد خاص بتقنيات الذكاء الاصطناعي

هل يأخذنا ذكاء قوقل الاصطناعي إلى عالم مختلف؟

I started a giant global technology Google’s annual conference I/O the middle of last week surprise everyone by giving the artificial intelligence technology the larger size of the modern Congress, where she focused on them as individually and add in all of its applications and services almost.

The company said Google enters the artificial intelligence techniques in many of the services that are used daily, where she presented a new form of maps that have become dealing with the user to provide suggestions and continuous in each place based on the history of the previous user in the search on company’s search engine or maps.

The company said it is working on the development of the technology of the VPS to determine where the GPS, the user would not be able to determine the locations only through smartphone, but it will be able to see the place fully on the maps and the roads to give the user exactly where he is. based on the real shape of the place, using augmented reality technology.

The company has also updated the news system to show closer what be choices of the user himself, a consequence of the research and the interest of the user of a specific thing, but it’s not over, because the company said that the machine learning system of the user in the news will be installed within the time line real, i.e., that the news will be displayed in a time like the story, and will not display the experience late from the site about a specific story, which means that the user will not need to become more similar because of the different titles.

Most importantly, it is the assistant System Google Voice, the new launched, which combines the techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning different show almost perfect, so that the system will be closer to nature than the previous voice the fact, which reminds me of the movie Her 2013 when he was the star Joaquin Phoenix spends time with the help of a voice, and at the same time was a voice assistant with regard to every day about him and other users to become smarter, which made the voice assistant as a friend speed, who knows all the secrets and interests of the user and forget it, this thing is similar to trying to Google to do with her current, So it will be with time as a friend and alarm clock for all acts daily especially routine ones.

Maybe the title was vague at first, but with the development Google for techniques that rely on artificial intelligence with the voice assistant, the voice assistant unit will be able to take away in the world of private understands all the needs, despite that the sound just from everything but its ability to continuous learning.


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