Do you talk a lot before you select your restaurant? Google Maps provide solution

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A new feature provided by Google Maps exclusively for lovers of the exotic cuisine, under the name of “For You”, where the nominated user’s best cuisine and restaurants nearby, but according to their own interest profile.

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Sometimes what we feel like eating, without being able to specify the type of food you really want to eat it, or even the best place to do it than through it, since it seems that Maps Google are well aware of this, so I released the updated dazzling to the users, especially for those who love to visit restaurants constantly.

Released the Google Maps feature “For You” position on the removal of puzzled users of all, by identifying restaurants, cuisine, favorite to them based on their choices of the former, Where will feature cross-platform “IOS”, to stretch to about 130 States system Android, now that it was the famous company has announced that property for the first time before, during the current year.

How to make

At the time, which facilitate the feature “For You” on the user, by tracking nearby restaurants, which offer mostly food his favorite, can take advantage of those wonderful water simply go down the app, where you will find the button named feature, you can press them to include the names of nearby restaurants including Loaded of delicious dishes.

I don’t think the advantage of “For You” is the only characteristic provided by Google Maps before, in order to convert users to people better on a social level, especially in relation to their favorite, where was the famous service provided in February of 2017, a property define a list of favourite places, in order to send mates or family members, whether via text message, email, or of course via social media platforms.

Also provided the service of Google Maps other features are important, in the past few months and years, including sending “ETA” or the position an individual present for friends, control the music directly via the application service, planning for dinner, before issuing a service feature “For You” the last, through which it hopes access to the highest levels of satisfaction among users, in the shades rely on their personal desires in order to determine their destinations.

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