Do you use a headset wireless ear RHA MA750 acquisition of?

This topic can headset wireless ear RHA MA750 acquisition of? Appeared on Engadget.

I’ve made a company RHA British headset ear wireless MA750 which differ from its competitors in several areas, where the quality of the design considered perfect and elegant as the picture quality looks strong and fascinating as well.

Here’s a review of the category of high-end headphone RHA MA750 Wireless:


I designed the sky of stainless steel type 303F, which makes them extremely robust, as it includes standard IPX4, which makes them resistant to water droplets. I have been wrapping a speaker wire copper free from oxygen with a protective layer of tangled.

Include the speaker magnet from the side where is the adhesion of the sky two some when you’re not active. It is the right side of the wire, we’ve been supplying the speaker unit built-in controller, which is absolutely essential especially if it is connected to the speaker with a smartphone.

Provided the RHA all of the things that you’ll need inside the box, including a wide range of cushions ear made from Silicon measurements and sizes are different, in addition to the charger from the USB Type-C.

Come the fish is very flexible, it is comfortable to the ear, where you wear them very long hours without feeling any problems.



Comes to sound level hearing range of a good to a great extent, but which may not like the mission is the Bass or the pump, that’s where the Bass of the newborn hearing range is weak compared to headphones competition. Despite that, the focus of heaven on the High and Mid sounds human, and when you turn over file voice you will feel that the sound is truly impressive.

Will give you the sky and also the technique of the Hi Resويعتبر this thing is excellent too, it will also feature noise isolation which works very effectively.

The quality of the microphone is also excellent with calls, as the signal of Bluetooth is great as you won’t feel any delay in the audio while watching your videos.


Provide headphone RHA MA750 support aptX and ACC to transfer audio files via Bluetooth or NFC without any loss of sound quality. As it also support personal assistant by Apple and Google.

Containing the speaker has a USB charging port-C LED indicator White start button. With Bluetooth technology, you’ll be able to clear of the transfer images reliably without any interruption.



Think battery is excellent it will save you 11 hours with a sound level of 50 percent, and when you raise the volume to the level of %100, you get 9 and a half hours almost.

Recharge by USB charger-C on the box.


Available headphone RHA MA750 Wireless at a price of 157 USD, you can get them by clicking on this link.



This topic can headset wireless ear RHA MA750 acquisition of? Appeared on Engadget.

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