Do you use Apple TV to the design of Huawei in iPhone next

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هل تلجأ آبل الى تصميمات هواوي في الآيفون القادمDo you use Apple TV to the design of Huawei in iPhone next

Do you use Apple TV to the design of Huawei in iPhone next

On the era of the position Digit is the My use the news famous on Twitter @Onleaks, will Apple us phones day in 2019 with the back holds the 3 rear cameras, the same form of design almost made by Huawei the beginning of phones to me 20 Pro.

Yesterday there was another report predicts some of the features available in phones the faith that will appear in the last quarter of the current year, the most important transmission of the fingerprint to the bottom of the screen.

Reduced Apple’s shares increased by 12% in December, with the recognition of Tim Cook chief executive the impact of sharply reduced sales on the company’s website the past, a paid Apple the US to reduce its financial forecasts for the first time in decades .

According to the report referred to its source in the first paragraph, will launch Apple’s three devices for iPhone new in 2019, to continue the current squad that I know about it in September 2018 .

Video faith 2019

Reveal the leaks on the unit, box camera includes three cameras along a non-linear, there are two cameras alignment vertically, similar to the iPhone XS.

Reveals the video clip above that there is a third camera placed between the two, on the side, on top of that, there is the LED flash and microphone at the bottom.

The phone on that leaks will carry the name of faith XI.

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