Do you use bitcoin mainly in the illicit trade?

One of the things that sparked controversy is great for digital and on top of bitcoin over the past several years is the use illegal for this to work. Terrorism, the drug trade and tourists and a number of illegal settlements know, this digital currency since the origin time and time again we see the conviction of New that uses the bad among them to accuse the founder of Microsoft earlier this year.

According to the Department of Justice in the United States, after a process that lasted an entire year against a number of drug dealers in the state, it was concluded that “most of them” uses bitcoin as a means to transfer funds, while according to the information published according to them, some of them also say mining as a means of added income.

After the arrest of 35 a trader could the U.S. authorities get 2000 bitcoin any $ 12 million the moment of writing this line where the price changes intraday for digital. Time to complete the process last January to decipher the price of bitcoin is different from now where, according to reports, the scale of funds that have been access of Trade of $ 22 million at the time of arrest.

I found all this amount of work bitcoin digital with only two trade, according to reports, where the price of bitcoin on the eighteenth of January the day of his arrest 12 thousand dollars, which means that it has been creating 1660 bitcoin in their possession which is not the full amount, according to authorities who believe they have more than 4000 bitcoin they got from the drugs trade via the internet before being arrested in Maryland.

The strange thing is that according to authorities most of these traders use bitcoin for remittances although it is known that it is possible to track transfers for bitcoin. Prior research came from Princeton University confirmed this information, where it pointed out that the cookies and الWeb Trackers can track The transfers in bitcoin. Also in addition likewise, U.S. authorities previously in tracking all transfers bitcoins to the owner store drugs online Silk Road by the arrest of its owner.

Confirm the United States authorities that bitcoin is used in analyses of drug dealers raises questions again about the treatment of digital currency in this world, and the extent of its proximity to the trade of illegal online or in reality.

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